The Running of the Zo (part two)

Thoom conga heading south.
The Thoom procession makes the turn around Mai's Garden.
Here I am, observing the conga.
Disruptive Zos sought to block the conga's progress with a kudzu blockade, but the Thooms just went around it.
The ThoomWorld conference was concluded with the celebration of "The Running of the Zo." The chosen Zo this time was Worf, and he fled from the pursuing Thooms with great energy.
Worf's fellow Zos shouted encouragements as he fled from the mob of Thooms. The Thooms trapped and healed him several times, but he ultimately evaded capture, as tradition warrants. ThoomWorld was a huge success and the Thoom community welcomes Fig to our number.

Updated January 8, 2000