Speedo: Rest in Peace

Alas, it appears that Speedo may have committed suicide during the Ripture Wars. This brave feline warrior has not been seen since.

Speedo was one of the first participants in the Puddleby drinking contest. He was ultimately declared the winner after mastering the technique of drinking while unconscious (seen here). Aragorn was a close competitor. His taunts of "All right, more beer!" struck fear in his opponents.
It should be no surprise that after such heavy drinking, the participants soon began to hallucinate. Sunstone listeners raised their eyebrows when Speedo announced the presence of a big floating glass of beer. Some say the Ancients were having a little fun with the drinkers.

It is unclear from this image whether Reysa merely has a hangover, or is repeatedly walking into the wall and banging her head.

Speedo in a rain shower in the Sacred Grove.

Updated September 1, 2000