Unusual Sights

A rare visit to Gaia's Garden.
The aftermath of a Fire Myrm attack. 
The pentagram in the Dark Temple.
Falinea attends a Thoom Concert in the Mirror Circle. These "day on the green" Thoom concerts in remote locations were quite popular before the Ripture Wars. Unwelcome guests often attended as well (note the Orga and panthers hungrily eyeing the Thooms).
Disaster in the River Tunnel Part 1: We had a feeling things were going badly for us at this point.
Disaster in the River Tunnel Part 2: Things only got worse.
Disaster in the River Tunnel Part 3: Thanks to Tigger and a new rescue party from Puddleby, we finally made it out of the River Tunnel alive. The result was a large boat traffic jam.

Updated November 24, 1999