June 24, 2002
Mongo's Report on Melabrion's Mines


Mongo the Dwarf sent along the following report.
- Para

Howdy Paramedic,

I was recently invited to translate for Melabrion. Nunul was supposed to translate for the group that was there, but seemed a bit out of it (not sure how he slept through those rocks pounding him into the floor, but he did), so I volunteered when they asked for someone that spoke Dwarven.

It seems that Melabrion's miners had broken through to a new cave and nasty things came out (I saw Tok'Han, Rippers and Chami Cobras, none of which I'd seen elsewhere, so I'm guessing some or all of those were the nasty critters).

They felled his miners, and he needed a rescue party.

We did that, and Melabrion gave us some gifts. I don't know what others got, but I was given a keg of beer to share with my fellow rescuers (and, of course, I drank till I fell :).

I recorded the whole thing on a vision stone (including the rescue), and He Who Drinks for me has kindly posted it here:


Please feel free to share that link with your viewers.


Norm the Dwarf also reports on his adventures in the mines in his journal entry for Merdi, 47 Summer 546 (6/23/02).

Posted by Para at June 24, 2002 09:46 AM
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