August 09, 2002
Pie Project Art Contest


The following message is from Prue:

Calling all artists!

The official deadline for entries to the Puddleby Pie Project Commemorative Art Contest is:

Spring 11, 547 (that'd be Saturday, Aug 24)

To remind folks of the details:

PRIZE: Winner's choice of 3000 coins, or a 21 pie salute. Winning entry will be displayed in the main hall of the museum.

SUBJECT: The spirit of the Puddleby Pie Project (whatever that means).

JUDGES: All the folks who donated to the Pie Project

DIMENSIONS: 150 x 150 pixels is optimal. Anything over 175 x 175 will not be considered.

PALETTE: System Palette.

WHERE TO SEND ENTRIES: prue@puddleby.invalid (substitute "com" for "invalid").

So get to painting, sculpting, macrameing, or whatever it is you're good at. Win fame and a pile of cash.


Posted by Para at August 09, 2002 02:11 AM
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