August 13, 2002
Tarf the Dwarf: R.I.P.?


A TMN Special Report

Those who have been in exile for a long time remember Tarf the Dwarf well. Newer exiles, however, are increasingly unfamiliar with his deeds. Time passes quickly in exile, and for many, memories of Tarf are rapidly fading. Tarf played an important role in pre-Ripture and post-Ripture Puddleby society. He was a key member of the Dwarven Militia, and he was also the district attorney of Puddleby.

The turning point in the career of Tarf happened when he killed an ambassador from Tenebrion. Exiles were very much divided about the morality and wisdom of this famous (or infamous) event. Some say Tarf wisely did it to prevent Tenebrion from gaining information about Purgatory Pendants, others considered it the act of a vigilante. Some even considered it murder. You can read some accounts of the affair here (beware that interpretations of what happened that day vary considerably):
Merdi, 83 Summer 539 (10/29/00) and Sombdi, 9 Autumn 539 (11/2/00)

Nowadays, Tarf is rarely seen. Some say he has gone into exile from exile, leaving Puddleby for even deeper isolation. Others say he has returned to the mainland. Will Tarf return? Is he dead? Did his actions help or hinder Puddleby's relations with the various 'brion brothers?

Posted by Para at August 13, 2002 01:18 PM

Tarf is back, I saw him in town just today! Hurrah!

Posted by: Akisha on August 19, 2002 06:45 PM

How can you be sure?

Posted by: Tarf on August 19, 2002 08:00 PM
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