August 19, 2002
Sisters Unveil Art by Manx


The Sisters of Benevolence have made the following announcement:

Thanks to all who attended the unveiling of the Sisters' contribution to the museum. It was a rousing success.

After some brief remarks by Prue, and a drumroll courtesy of Mephisto, Muzea did the honors, revealing a soul-stirring portrait of Puddleby's favorite daughters... the Sisters of Benevolence.

Manx delivered an intelligent and entirely uncoerced close-reading of the image. She was presented with a bouquet of flowers, and accolades galore.

Then, it was off to the Dance Hall, where beer and baked goods (courtesy of Serra Lorne) were enjoyed by all. Mephisto provided musical entertainment.

Opxe won a piece of metal in the door prize contest. Muzea won 4 puddlehours of Raymond Shifter's service as her personal valet. Muzea chose to auction Ray off to earn money for the museum. After a heated bidding war, Jeanne walked away 250 coins poorer, but a wussy sylvan richer.

The Sisters wish to sincerely thank Muzea, Mephisto, Serra Lorne, Alchemist (for providing a door prize), Raymond Shifter (for being a door prize) and Connie Crete (for working the door when that useless Malkor overslept). And very special thanks to Manx, artist without peer.

--The Sisters of Benevolence,
Ashe, Ire, Luce, Prue, Tere & Una

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A visionstone and more pictures of the unveiling are available in Aravir's journal entry.

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Manx's comments regarding the work:

"Let me start by saying I was quite afraid... I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do justice to the beautiful Sisters.

"It was a great honor for me to be asked to work on this project. The Sisters have been very generous... ...generous supporters of the arts.

"This varnished egg tempera triptych required 281 eggs, and took two months to complete. 267 fresh eggs!

"Standing in the central background, Prue charitably offers the viewer a coin, while poor, sensless Una tries to snatch the shiny bauble for herself.

"To Prue's right, Ashe reads the viewer's good fortune in the face of a tarot card. To her left, Luce's sweet face offers succor and comfort to all.

"Swan-footed Tere holds her dagger, ready to defend the helpless, while gentle Ire attempts to mend a wounded butterfly.

"I only hope I've been able to capture the Benevolent Sisters' true nature.

"Thank you."

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