September 20, 2002
Leogic Leaves


Leogic has left Puddleby and departed for points unknown. Clan ThoomCare wishes him safe travels.

Posted by Para at September 20, 2002 05:13 PM

Just so you know. HWC Left the realm of Clanlord because he thought his outlook and ooc motivations for playing no longer existed. He said his memories of Clanlord are bittersweet.

HWC used to draw aLOT of art for Clanlord at one point and tried to keep communication among the various artists open though a newsgroup. He also used to assists designers in new area creation. He said it "Helped him Learn the Business."

I was asked 'If I felt Like It' To forward the final story of Leogic. Read it if you want, or not. He said it he didn't know if this story meshed with Clanlord's universe or not.

Well, it was long, but I don't feel like typing it, so I'll give you a cliff-notes version rather than the rather lengthy transcript I was given.

Leogic is a traveler of space and dimension. He travels from place to place, from realm to realm. His travels took him to the solar system, and dimension that the world of Clanlord existed within.

On a low orbit flyover, prospecting for adventure as usual, his ship came under unknown fire. Someone had taken a potshot at his ship with, literally, a fireball. The ship's drive damaged began to loose altitude slowly, giving Leogic enough time to fit himself into a techno-organic disguise that would allow him to look like one of the local felinoid (catlike bipedal humanoid he called it) race. Leogic is felinoid himself, though, looks quite a bit different, Iíll not go into the details. The 'skin' he called it was never finished in time as the power failed in the growth chamber and he had to make do. He wound up looking like a cross between his true self, and that of "The People" as they seemed to call themselves.

His ship belly landed in water and began to flood at an alarming rate. The fireball had conveniently punctured 5 layers of it's outer skin and was flooding most of the outer hull. Gathering with him some prefabricated clothing, Leogic jettisoned himself and a few important exploration and survival gear through the airlock.

He swam to the surface and inflated a small raft and began paddling toward shore. This turned out to be an island off of Shan-Deral (<-The Fan Created Name for the Ascendancy Continent). He was captured and imprisoned as he simply looked different. They didn't capture him physically, more along the lines of threatened to do harm to several others he had met in his short time on the continent.

He was allowed to keep what possessions he had, as they could not be forcibly removed from his body (big silver teeth), and was shipped off to the Loc Grotan Isles on a prison ship.

After having an interesting, to say the least, time figuring out how this world worked and the layout of things, he set out to recover his craft. At first he did not succeed, and was pained for his efforts. The second time around, he was not so inexperienced and found his ship. Luckily it had settled in a submerged mountain range, rather than an abyssal canyon.

With the aid of some gear he was able to fashion beyond the eyes of those whom would steal or destroy his work, he recovered and repaired his starship and secured it in an underwater cave off the northwestern shores of Puddleby Island.

He took to trying to learn more of the world, and interacting with the locals, trying once more to adapt to their ways. He found that his mind and self languished. He yearned (no that's what HWC said) for the stars and other worlds, and found that he could not resist the calling. HWC referred to it as a 'wanderlust' ( eww :p ) er no wait, I figured out what that means.

So, he set his sea-craft adrift (some of yo have seen those pictures he drew) and boarded his now patched starship. He left the planet as soon as possible in order to prevent being fire-balled yet again. He left a small warning beacon of cautioning for other passing starships of a variety of hostile primitive species. The ordinary stuff, major sentient species found, hostility level, known presence of malevolent/benevolent worship-seeking entities, etc, bla bla bla.

His starship, actually more along the lines of a long range scouting craft, boarded his main starship, The Catsclaw 1, and left the sector, toward other worlds and more satisfying adventures. He does not plan on returning for a very long time. Think in terms of eons.

Well that's it. I wish him luck.

Yours Truly,

Posted by: Captain Swanky on September 22, 2002 09:33 AM

Good luck to you, Leogic! I regret we never got to spend alot of time together (seems our hours were always contrawise). I hope adventures visit you well!

-- Odesseus

Posted by: Odesseus on September 23, 2002 11:06 AM
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