October 17, 2002
Census Interviewed


TMN has interviewed the new poll-taking exile in Puddleby, Census.

Read below to see what Census has to say.

Para: 1) Who are you and where are you from?

Census: I'm an exile, sent here because my ceaseless quest for truth
and information rubbed the Emperor the wrong way. Also, there
are no good bands on the mainland. When I heard about Slyph and
the Slyphtones, I knew where I had to be.

Para: 2) Why are you asking people questions and taking all these notes?

Census: I'm a researcher. It's what I do. The pursuit of knowledge is
a noble one!

I don't really ask anyone any questions, though. I simply observe,
and record my observations. If someone doesn't record these things,
we leave a poor legacy for the next generation of exiles. I shudder
to think of all the history I have already missed, and which
is now lost forever.

Para: 3) What do you plan to do with the information you are gathering?

Census: To make it public, of course. Research is no good if no one knows
about it. All my findings, kept up-to-date, will be found at
http://census.clanlord.net. I'm still working on how I publish
the information, so check back there periodically.

I will, however, be keeping the detailed data private, to prevent
misuse. But statistical and aggregate data will be shared. Things
like the most active exiles and clans, counts of how many people
are out in the lands at certain times, things like that will
be available.

Para: 4) How do we know you're not a Darshak spy?

Census: Since I never leave the library, and no Darshak ever come into
the library, I think it's pretty clear I don't associate with
them. Besides, what could the Darshak give me that I want? They
don't care about knowledge, and I don't care about money or stinky

The Darshak also have no good bands, so I would never help those

Posted by Para at October 17, 2002 11:06 AM
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