October 24, 2002
Feast of Tsrrin Approaching


(Keemhan recently came to town and told the story of Tsrrin.)

Keemhan says, "Well, you must all know what story it's time for now..."
Lerris asks, "has it changed at all?"
Keemhan asks, "Now, why would a fine story go changing?"
DeathLord asks, "Bawkmas?"
Keemhan exclaims, "Eh heh he, not quite yet!"
Lerris says, "to stay interesting? ;)"
Keemhan says, "But stories are what they are, you can't go changing history just to keep it interesting."
Lerris exclaims, "sure you can!"
Keemhan says, "Bah, maybe you can, but not a reputable storyteller like ol' Keemhan."
Lerris asks, "maybe you could add a bit more violence?"
(Keemhan cackles.)
Keemhan says, "More violence... all right..."
(Lerris nods)
(Keemhan clears his throat.)

(Look below to read Keemhan's story.)

Keemhan says, "Once upon a time..."
Keemhan ponders, "Dang guild rules, I get so sick of that line..."
Keemhan says, "Anyway, once upon a time, there was a young female of the People named Tsrrin."
Keemhan says, "Not T'srrin, or T'serrin, or Tes'rrin, but Tsrrin."
(Keemhan glares around.)
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin lived in a small village in the foothills of the northwest mountains during the time of the Darshak War."
Keemhan asks, "You've all heard of the Darshak War, I hope?"
Keemhan exclaims, "Plenty of violence in that!"
SnowLion says, "Nuh uh"
Keemhan asks, "You haven't? Didn't your parents teach you anything?"
Ayella asks, "Could you tell it?"
Keemhan says, "The Darshak attacked, Emperor Mobius drove them back...Stop me when this starts to sound familiar..."
Keemhan exclaims, "Long, long ago. It's the war that brought Mobius to the throne, for Gaia's sake!"
Keemhan says, "Hmph."
Keemhan ponders, "Sad state of education in the lands these days."
Keemhan says, "Now let me get on with the story. I know you've heard it before, but you asked for it, so listen."
Keemhan ponders, "Mighty thirsty work, storytelling. Sure is a shame beer's so expensive these days."
Keemhan says, "Well. Tsrrin's life wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard either."
Ebonheart hands you a lager.
Keemhan says, "Oh, thank you, sonny."
Keemhan asks, "Now, where was I?"
Keemhan says, "Oh, yes."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin worked in her family's garden, and sang, and danced."
Keemhan says, "Sometimes she traveled to the neighboring village to visit her cousins."
Keemhan says, "You see those three planets up there."
(Keemhan points to the sky with his staff.)
Keemhan says, "Well, everybody knows that when they're lined up in a row - like they almost are now - strange things can happen."
Keemhan says, "It's been that way for as long as anybody can remember. We know it, Tsrrin knew it... and the Darshak knew it too."
Keemhan says, "Why do funny things happen, you ask? Don't ask me, I'm just a storyteller."
Keemhan says, "When those three planets line up, strange things can happen."
Keemhan says, "This time I've been talking about, Tsrrin's time, what happened right around then was a Darshak raid."
Keemhan exclaims, "With violence and bloodshed galore!"
SnowLion says, "Yay"
(Lerris nods)
Keemhan says, "All right, maybe that's not so strange during a war. But it was a terrible tragedy."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin came home from a visit to her cousins' village to find her home burned, the garden trampled."
Keemhan exclaims, "The violent, bloody darshak raid had destroyed her village!"
Keemhan says, "Her friends and family had vanished, every one, carried off by the Darshaks for some unspeakable purpose."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin may have been young, but she was brave and resourceful."
Keemhan says, "She followed after the Darshaks, tracking them through the hills, until she found their camp..."
Keemhan says, "...shrouded in darkness and smoke and a feeling of evil you could almost smell."
(Keemhan sniffs the air and looks thoughtful.)
Keemhan says, "Off to one side, packed into a wooden pen, huddled her entire village, overcome with exhaustion and fear."
Keemhan exclaims, "And violence and bloodshed!"
Kalian exclaims, "yay!"
(Lerris claps)
(Anfyr grins.)
SnowLion says, "hehe"
Keemhan says, "Guarding the pen were a handful of thugs and a crowd of hooded corpses, ..."
Keemhan says, "and in the center of the camp stood half a dozen priests, chanting something over a blood-red flame."
Keemhan says, "Tsrrin knew she had to free her family, and quickly."
Keemhan says, "With scraps of cloth, mud and leaves, she disguised herself as a hooded corpse,..."
Keemhan says, "and lurched into the camp under cover of darkness and fog."
Keemhan says, "Carefully she wandered nearer to the captives' pen."
Keemhan exclaims, "You'd be careful too, alone in a camp full of Darshaks. She was brave, but she wasn't an idiot!"
(Keemhan cackles gleefully.)
Keemhan says, "Ah, but she was lucky, that she was."
Keemhan says, "She managed to attract her brother's attention, then get close enough to stumble against the latch on the gate."
Keemhan says, "Out swarmed a crowd of villagers, taking the thugs and corpses by surprise."
Keemhan exclaims, "Violently, and with lots of bloodshed!"
(Lerris grins)
Keemhan ponders, "Eh heh heh."
Keemhan says, "The heroine Tsrrin stripped off her disguise and joined her family,..."
Keemhan says, "running from the camp before the priests knew what had happened."
Keemhan says, "And so, every couple of years, when the planets line up like they are now, we celebrate the Feast of Tsrrin."
Keemhan says, "We put on disguises like she did, dodge the sinister carved Darshak and rescue candy."

Bones says, "Keemhan you tell the same story every year."
Lerris says, "whoo! violence and candy! :)"
Keemhan says, "Not every year, but whenever those planets line up."
Ebonheart asks, "So when do we get to rescue the candy and what not?"
Keemhan asks, "What do you expect me to do, change history?"
Prince Valiant says, "a good story, old man."
Bones says, "how about spicing it up a bit. maybe some fishing"
Raven asks, "Or fish candy?"
Keemhan says, "This year we had extra violence, for that young sylvan over there."
(Keemhan points to Lerris.)

Keemhan says, "Hm. Looks to me like the planets are still a bit apart."
Keemhan says, "I'd guess about another month before they're aligned."

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