December 07, 2002
Fen President Polling Results


The results from the polling for "Fen President" are in, but the results are less than decisive. Most voters picked "None of the Above," indicating either a preference for a Fen not listed in the poll, or in fact no desire at all for a "Fen President." Among those exiles listed on the ballot, Manx came in first with 24% of the vote. Sadly, only 83 of the 1239 eligible voters participated. Less than 7% of the citizens of Puddleby voted.

Results from the last ballot, closed Spring 78, 548, with 1239 eligible voters:
#280: Who do you support for Fen President?
9 (11%): Blitz
15 (18%): Lorikeet
20 (24%): Manx
13 (16%): Odesseus
25 (30%): None of the above
1 (1%): Abstain

Posted by Para at December 07, 2002 06:24 PM
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