March 19, 2003
Lundar Announces 'Brion Meeting


A message from Lundar:

Greetings fellow citizens of Puddleby,

There will be a meeting with the 'Brion Brothers at 10pm on Lundi, the 64th Day of Summer (OOC: 3pm PST Sunday) in Tenebrion's Conference Room. The purpose of the meeting is to settle the last remaining issues concerning the trade of 6 teleportation stones for a permanent portal to the Ethereal Plane, and to answer any questions that exiles may have for the 'Brions. If all goes well with the meeting, the stones will be handed over to the Brothers, and the agreement will be sealed.

This meeting will be open to the public, and all exiles are welcome to attend. All attendees will be expected to act in a respectful and orderly manner throughout the course of the meeting. Disruptive exiles will be asked to leave, or removed from the Conference Room physically. If things become too unruly, representatives will be chosen to help moderate the discussion.

This will be great milestone in our relations with the 'Brion Brothers, marking an increased cooperation with our powerful neighbors. I hope to see many of my fellow exiles there at this meeting, to witness and take part in this truly momentous event in Puddleby History.

Ma'ta Lundar et'Lotharen

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