May 13, 2003
Drake Kidnaps Exiles


SongWren filed this report with TMN:

Songwren here. Here's another report on Flame Drakes. One flew over Town Center and landed in the zoo. We gathered together to vanquish the fiend but it ended up felling several exiles and kidnapped some of their fallen bodies. Kalian and Shen Calin were toted off to Devil's Island where we followed the drake until it went over the seas and we could follow no more. Kalian did taunt the beast with a blue flame and I think it was not amused. When I left, a rescue party was forming. I am sure others will comment on the outcome of this abduction.

Click in the links below for more images:

Kalian taunts a drake
Drake grabs exiles with claws
Drake takes exiles to Devil's Island

Posted by Para at May 13, 2003 09:14 PM
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