June 14, 2003
Eldon GM in Fairgrounds


Mac sent TMN a transcript of a recent chat with Eldon GM in the fairgrounds. An edited version is available below.

New Islands

Mac says, "hi Eldon"
Eldon GM is a Human, is male, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
He is holding a greatsword and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a sungem and an Ethereal Amulet.
You concentrate on sending your message to Rincewind.
You think to Rincewind, "Eldon very quiet in the fairgrounds!"
Rincewind says, "hello Eldon"
(Eldon GM waves)
Mac ponders, "what's the shimmering?"
Eldon GM says, "Just popping in to say hi. Nothing really to say"
(Mac smiles)
Mac says, "thatís nice :)"
Eldon GM says, "I've been accused of worse. :)"
Mac says, "heh"
(Rincewind grins)
Mac asks, "nothing interesting to tease us with then?"
(Eldon GM waves)
Eldon GM says, "Well..."
Eldon GM says, "I did add over 10 new monsters last update for my new island"
Mac says, "oh"
Mac asks, "whenís that coming?"
Eldon GM says, "Bad news is that I hate doing NPC dialogs :)"
Mac says, "heh"
Daimoth ponders, "Aw, it sounds fun."
Eldon GM asks, "I mean, what do you say after the 5th NPC?"
Eldon GM says, "I wanted to create a village of people."
Mac exclaims, "so you have 10 new monsters!"
Eldon GM says, "I didn't realize I had to create a village of people :)"
(Mac smiles)
Mac says, "tell us more about the isle then :)"
Mac says, "and the new critters ;)"
Eldon GM says, "So, I decided that I'll just put hidden messages in the dialog to ensure everyone has to read all I wrote. :)"
(Skyraker waves.)
(Eldon GM waves.)
Skyraker asks, "what's going on today?"
Eldon GM ponders, "Kind of slow response for me today, so excuse my slowness"
Makhno ponders, "Which Island is that?"
Eldon GM says, "New place? Hrm....what I can tell you about it without spoiling the fun..."
Eldon GM says, "It's a primitive place. Much more so than Puddleby"
Mac asks, "maybe you can tell us about 1 or 2 off the creatures we might encounter?"
Yor says, "Strim."
(Eldon GM waves)
Eldon GM says, "They just discovered metal weapons."
Makhno ponders, "If it's as ready as Peaceton then we might see it in 5 OOC years or so."
Eldon GM says, "Unless I get hit by a bus, it won't take 5 OOC years"
Yor thinks to you, "cool =)"
Eldon GM says, "That's not for me to say. Peaceton's readiness is/was irrelevant to its opening."
Daimoth says, "New island, apparently..."
Makhno ponders, "And Bran is no longer in tha land"
Eldon GM says, "Joe didn't want such a small population divided over an even larger world than it already is."
Eldon GM says, "Feel free to rant on the Sentinel about how Joe won't market CL :)"
Eldon GM says, "I don't need to hear it now"
(Skyraker chuckles)
(Athala grins)
Makhno ponders, "Too bad, I wanted to play on the church's organ."
Eldon GM ponders, "Especially since I've told him the same thing :)"
Eldon GM ponders, "I think"
Eldon GM says, "Anyway, the new island will be mostly for midlevels."
Eldon GM says, "Some players won't like that"
Skyraker asks, "what's 'midlevels'?"
Eldon GM says, "3-4 circlers"
Viola ponders, "hmm"
Eldon GM says, "Well..."
Eldon GM says, "There will be 3 areas for high levels"
Mjollnir says, "ooooh"
Eldon GM says, "But..."
Farb says, "they're inverted"
Yor says, "Michael will like that."
(Yor grins)
Eldon GM says, "But, contrary to what's requested in the NG, it will require healer(s) and/or mystics"
Mjollnir says, "he might not like the but though"
Eldon GM says, "And it will be risky"
Mjollnir says, "he definately wonít if it requires mystics"
Farb says, "risky frisky"
Eldon GM says, "C'est la vie."
Mac ponders, "will it be worth the *&^$£ risk to quote someone ;)"
Eldon GM says, "It'll be fun"
Makhno asks, "will it be places that take more than 3 hours to go and come back?"
Eldon GM says, "Nah"
Mac ponders, "i hope not that long :("
Eldon GM says, "Assuming you can get in and live, you can leave quickly"
Mjollnir says, "sounds exciting"
Eldon GM says, "/depart is quick too :)"
Yor says, "I like risk/challenge that requires cooperastive group effort."
(Mac nods)
Yor says, "hehe"
Eldon GM says, "In fact, I'll be very disappointed if people live the first go around"
Eldon GM ponders, "Note: more vermine"
Viola ponders, "like when Noth opened :D"
Mjollnir asks, "there are rewards beyond exp/coins?"
Eldon GM says, "Hrmm..."
Makhno ponders, "and some death spriggins"
Eldon GM asks, "Like what?"
Farb says, "negative reinforcers"
Mjollnir ponders, "spriggins that donít just lighten your purse but march you to the nearest ATM"
Eldon GM says, "I think we need some megaSpriggens"
Mjollnir says, "nah the ones that got horked in the storm are bad enough"
Eldon GM says, "I won't tell you that. :)"
Eldon GM says, "In part, I'm not done with the code."
Farb ponders, "Spriggin Giants??"
(Skyraker shrugs and nods)
Mjollnir ponders, "giant Malkors"
Eldon GM says, "Well, I *am* done, but the server doesn't think so :)"
(Mjollnir shuggers)
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Makhno ponders, "vorpal spriggins"
Yor says, "so "soon"? =)"
Eldon GM says, "hrmm..."
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "heh, Saulte..."
Eldon GM says, "Yeah..."
(Yor nods.)
Mjollnir says, "is this new area going to be one where the first group there gets a special thing? like the shovels with the foothills?"
Eldon GM says, "I could open the first part quickly, but during the last Fairground talk,"
Eldon GM says, "the players wanted it all at once"
Yor asks, "Gonna be an "event" to unveil it or will it just appear?"
Eldon GM says, "So, I decided to finish it up to 99% before completing"
(Yor nods.)
Del'Arus ponders, "players always want everything at once :)"
Eldon GM says, "So,that's taking me longer :)"
Eldon GM says, "I haven't decided, Yor"
Makhno says, "and hide it a bit too. maybe add some ocean snell to make it harder to find"
Yor asks, "Will you finally use one of those long, unused islands or brand new one?"
Eldon GM says, "Yes, Yor :)"
(Yor smiles.)
Yor says, "Drahm Jung."

Exile-created Islands

Mjollnir asks, "Eldon what do you think of the idea on the newsgroup about exiles creating their own islands?"
Eldon GM says, "I've been thinking on that"
Skyraker ponders, "sounds tricky"
Athala ponders, "oooh!"
Eldon GM says, "The hard part is the ranks aspect"
Eldon GM says, "Making areas is 'easy'"
Eldon GM says, "Creating balanced spawns and risks are the 'other 90%'"
Mac ponders, "it wasnít going to give exp if i remember right, the player isles just be for fun."
Athala ponders, "Sorry."
Yor says, "You'd probably get alot of junk but I'm sure a few talented people would submit something worthwhile."
Mjollnir says, "you could make everything in the island of no experience then give no penalty for departing, a no win no lose situation"
Eldon GM asks, "So, you go there and a 'copy' of yourself is made?"
Mjollnir says, "something like that yeah"
(Mac nods)
Eldon GM asks, "So, everything gained and lost is thrown away?"
Skyraker ponders, "no win, no lose, no fun?"
Makhno asks, "something lika "wild thursday Island" ?"
Eldon GM says, "Sounds interesting"
Mac says, "something so people couldnít make loads of coins there, just have fun in wierd isles"
Eldon GM says, "Hopefully, it could be done sooner than the Mac port of NWN :)"
Mjollnir says, "then every 6 months or something you could hold a competition, everybody submits an island and the best one gets made real"
Yor says, "lol"
(Viola giggles)
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Farb says, "CL port of NWN :D"
Mac says, "yeah i like that idea, Iímm sure between all that play you'd get one good isle ;)"
Viola ponders, "someone already made a NWN CL module"
Mjollnir says, "and rather than just GMs have a panel of GMs and players to vote on areas"
Eldon GM says, "It would have the added effect of allowing people to see how difficult it is to do things"
Farb ponders, "heh, cool!"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
Eldon GM says, "I'd love to see some of the top complainer's areas :)"
Eldon GM says, "I'd love to see some of the top complainers' areas :)"
Eldon GM says, "I'd go there and /bug things full of curse words and send it to them :)"
Yor says, "I want no part of area design. I don't envy the job. =)"
Mjollnir asks, "how would bugging work, would it get emailed to the creator?"
Eldon GM says, "I guess that's an area we'd have to modify CL to handle"
Mjollnir says, "Iíd imagine there are all sorts of things watched over by GMs that we just take for granted"
Eldon GM says, "All of the statistic gathering scripts..."
Eldon GM asks, "Think people would pay for the privilege to create?"
Mjollnir says, "probably yes"
Mac ponders, "possibly"
(McBain chuckles)
Skyraker says, "hmm"
Mac ponders, "I would"
(Athala nods)
Ragin' Cajun says, "heh, I am uncreative. So... I would not pay anything. "
Eldon GM ponders, "Not like Joe cares about the money..."
Skyraker says, "depends on the restrictions"
Mjollnir says, "if they were really serious about possibly getting their areas into the game"
McBain says, "Depends on how restrictive you were on adding the designed stuff"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "sorta like building codes?"
Eldon GM says, "Well, if it's 'free' area (no permanent scoring of ranks), you could do what you want"
Eldon GM says, "Assuming that's what it would be"
Eldon GM says, "Well, until an area would be accepted, I think it should be totally independent"
Eldon GM says, "Nothing would count"
McBain says, "Opening an area to players and making it 'no count' means if it was released players would probbaly know it from head to toe and take away the challenge"
Mac asks, "any movement on getting the MG or OB weapons available?"
Eldon GM says, "Yes, all that exists in the image file."
Dr Funky says, "and some weird people riding frogs"
Eldon GM says, "And shame on you for snooping"
(Athala giggles)
Mjollnir says, "heh"
(Ragin' Cajun chuckles)

Unresolved Quests

Viola asks, "Eldon, what do you think of the champion "ore hogging" quest?"
Dr Funky asks, "so why can't we shoot arrows at the darshak?"
Mac ponders, "frog riding!"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "Viola is guilty!"
McBain says, "hrm"
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
(Mac looks for the image editing app)
Mjollnir asks, "what ever happened to those big pink dinosaurs you used to see in the zoo all the time?"
(Malkor envisions a 30-sn'ell spriggin palace complex with patrolling greater deaths for his submission.)
Hista says, "wasn't there a posting in newsgroup about that some time ago and the answer was: Talk to AnnGM. She gave an answer how to help GMs in imo 4 Steps of importance"
Eldon GM says, "I think there may be other ways of doing that 'quest'"
Eldon GM asks, "4 steps?"
Viola says, "seems running passes for ore is the way to get an earthstone :\"
Eldon GM says, "Sorry, reword that Hista"
Dr Funky says, "we need grey hair"
Eldon GM says, "I don't"
Mjollnir says, "until Arena Master returns and tells us what weve been doing wrong"
Dr Funky says, "I do"
Hista says, "4 ways to help. i cannot remember all but some were scripting and mapmaking"
Eldon GM asks, "You sure?"
Dr Funky says, "yeah"
Mjollnir says, "oh the so you want to help make Clanlord post on the sentinel"
Hista says, "and imo nobody talked to her"
Eldon GM asks, "I mean, are you sure that Arena Master is needed to pass?"
Mjollnir says, "no but i figured he'd be able to tell us where we were going wrong"
Viola says, "I know he is not"
McBain says, "Think they meant he could give more info"
Dr Funky says, "well he's conveyed the only information about champions so far"
Eldon GM asks, "Remember when we talked recently about how some GMs like involved quests?"
Mjollnir says, "he told us they were a quest reward from Master somebody or other"
Mjollnir says, "Martlet I think"
Mac ponders, "player driven?"
Hista says, "Areana Master is looking for Master Martlet"
Mjollnir says, "no heís looking for the Lady beneath to reverse her curse"
Eldon GM says, "I'll defer those Q's to Joe"
Malkor asks, "What do you need to become a Champion besides the book, bell, and candle?"
Eldon GM says, "I don't want to step on his toes"
Hista says, "and Lady Beneatzh was sending him the snakes as curse because he stole something"
(Mac grins)
Ragin' Cajun says, "Haha"
(Malkor gasps.)
Skyraker says, "book, bell, and candle? hahahaha"
McBain ponders, "Joe needs to work on rangers!"
Mjollnir says, "he stone the atkite and the darkite from her"
Hista says, "yes"
Dr Funky says, "and blood mages"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "no, bloodmages!"
Malkor ponders, "Aw."
Hista says, "thats it"
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
McBain exclaims, "Go step on his toes and tell him to work on rangers!"
Pide Piper thinks, "Rincewind has fallen to a Hunter's Lyfelidae, anybody helping him"
Dr Funky says, "and blood mages"
Eldon GM says, "My understanding is that everything is currently in that is needed."
SnowLion exclaims, "Aw, Malkor lost his lucky charms!"
Mjollnir says, "strangely enough our blacksmiths now know how to refine ites without ever talking to him"
J'jh thinks, "hes ok (-:"
(Malkor watches his riches vanish before his eyes.)
Rincewind thinks, "no....where are you all! ?"
Eldon GM says, "We fussed at the GMs that had unresolved quests."
Noa ponders, "How rich is Malkor?"
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Eldon GM says, "Joe said it was all in"
Dr Funky says, "too rich"
Sincah ponders, "That's a lot of GMs"
Ragin' Cajun asks, "bloodmages?"
Mjollnir ponders, "weve heard that one before"
Eldon GM says, "BloodMages will be last from what I heard"
Sincah ponders, "In * working"
Ragin' Cajun says, "ah"
SnowLion says, "Ya, thought so"
Mac ponders, "mirrors quest active still too?"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "saving the BEST for last! :)"
Hista asks, "Champion stuff is all in?"
Eldon GM says, "Rangers...well, it's not in because it's not 100% done"
Hista says, "not all subclasses that is"
(SnowLion smiles.)
Viola says, "not all, Hista"
Mjollnir asks, "hows work going on the healer Sub Classes?"
Hista says, "just Champs"
Noa asks, "How about mystic subclasses?"
Malkor asks, "Eldon, is it true that beyond the mirror lies an earthstone storeroom?"
Dr Funky says, "and a fifth circle healer test"
Ragin' Cajun says, "haha"
Eldon GM says, "To my knowledge, healer subclasses are planned but not being worked on"
Mjollnir says, "bah"
Dr Funky asks, "what are they?"
Ragin' Cajun asks, "what would healer subclasses be?"
Sincah ponders, "Better be a sexy subclass"
Eldon GM says, "No clue"
Dr Funky says, "oy"
Hista says, "Eldon: personaly I did not find any clue how to find earthstones beside letting it refine in the fighter hall."
Noa asks, "Drug Lord?"
(Athala grins)
Eldon GM says, "Moon/moon, moon/sun, moon/earth :)"
Ragin' Cajun says, "ahaha"
Hista says, "or a way to make it go faster and with less ore"
Mjollnir says, "so not related to training styles then"
McBain says, "I'd guess they will open it to suggestions, like with fihter subclasses"
Dr Funky says, "the truth is revealed"
Eldon GM says, "I spoke to MirrorGM recently"
Mjollnir ponders, "i wonder if healers and fighters will get to input about the Mystic subclasses"
McBain says, "did it take long to wake em up? heh"
Eldon GM says, "I told him that his quest was too obscure :)"
Yor asks, "he's alive?"
Mac says, "heh"
Sincah says, "Good."
Mjollnir says, "thats putting it mildly"
(Yor grins)
Makhno ponders, "MirrorGM MirrorGm on the wall, tell me ∑"
(Malkor grins.)
Athala says, "=)"
Sincah ponders, "MirrorGM is probably Teeny from the Simpsons ... damn"
Eldon GM says, "I'm hoping that spurred him to put alternative methods in"
(McBain chuckles)
Hista ponders, "Obscure... that was a hint!"
Ragin' Cajun says, "If we get some kinda clue while trying to open it, we can figure it out eventually."
Malkor says, "Give us a reason to devote ourselves to the problem of the mirrors again."
(Yor): This quest seems impassable.
Eldon GM says, "We'll see."
(Malkor laughs.)
(Hista snips with her finger)
McBain asks, "How about nothGM?"
Mjollnir says, "its probably standing on one leg wearing nothing but a feather and sacrifying a goat on the full moon that does it"
(Yor grins)
Malkor says, "Will it be possible for people to complete the Champion quest without knowing how they did it? That would be lame."
Mac says, "heh"
Ragin' Cajun says, "haha"
Eldon GM says, "I think Polerand has all the answers. I blame him."
Athala says, "=)"
(SnowLion grins)
Noa ponders, "Who has an earthstone?"
Dr Funky says, "exactly"
Yor ponders, "Polerand!#!#"
Ragin' Cajun says, "Or convincing Snowlion to put on Slyph's chain mail bikini that would open it. :)"

Eldon Pushes the Wrong Buttons

Mjollnir says, "heh"
SnowLion says, "erk"
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
(Yor laughs.)
Eldon GM says, "Oh my"
Sincah ponders, "Uh oh"
Sincah ponders, "Bah"
(Sincah coughs.)
(Malkor raises an eyebrow.)
Dr Funky says, "this could get ugly quick"
Mjollnir ponders, "i think that killed everybody"
Ragin' Cajun says, "haha"
(Noa lowers an eyebrow.)
Athala says, "You know what might be fun? ... *grins* Is if we had a swimming pool. =)"
Sincah ponders, "Lava pool"
Mjollnir says, "weíd have to learn how to swim then"
Typ says, "ah long time no see Eldon GM"
Eldon GM says, "You have a Bath House"
(Athala nods)
Dr Funky says, "he's going to start shooting lightning any second"
Athala says, "true."
Noa says, "There is a swimming pool..."
Hista says, "and an pool"
Mjollnir says, "yeah strangely enough though you lie on top of the water"
Dr Funky says, "and bathrooms"
Hista says, "saltwater"
Typ says, "lol"
Makhno ponders, "isn't there a pool in Husus house too?"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
Noa ponders, "yes"
Athala says, "Oh. =)"
Ragin' Cajun says, "Put piranas in em! :)"
McBain says, "heh"
Mjollnir asks, "wha?"
Eldon GM exclaims, "doh!"
Sincah says, "Cute."
SnowLion exclaims, "heh!"
(Hista smiles.)
Typ yells, "WYRM!! ^_^"
Dr Funky says, "we should be able to get horses"
Sincah asks, "Do they do any tricks?"
(Malkor thinks that was the wrong one.)
Noa says, "That's not a pool."
Eldon GM says, "heh"
Athala says, "=)"
Dr Funky says, "no"
Eldon GM says, "That's not supposed to happen"
Mjollnir ponders, "is anybody recording this?"
Dr Funky says, "I am now"
Ragin' Cajun says, "Eldon GM exclaims, "doh!""
(SnowLion grins)
Mjollnir says, "Fairgrounds bloopers 1"
(Athala grins)
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Eldon GM says, "grr"
Mjollnir says, "hehe"
Ragin' Cajun says, "heh"
Yor ponders, "Coming soon to FOX"
SnowLion says, "Hee"
(Mac smiles)
Sincah says, "Assuming it's not intentional. Could be throwing us off."
(Dr Funky falls down laughing)
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Sincah says, "Next thing you know we're knee-deep in Yor blood"
Sincah ponders, "Sorry Yor."
Dr Funky says, "yeah"
Viola ponders, "is that a large demonic vermine?"
Eldon GM asks, "One more try?"
(Athala nods)
Dr Funky says, "ok"
(Yor grins)
Yor says, "sure"
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Athala says, "=)"
Eldon GM exclaims, "ta da!"
Mac says, "heh"
Sala Dragon is no longer Clanning.
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
SnowLion says, "hehe"
Sincah ponders, "All that paranoid for nothin"
Athala says, "=)"
Eldon GM says, "Your swimming ool"
(Athala swims)
Malkor says, "it's probably infested with demonic vermine."
Eldon GM says, "There's no 'P' in it. Keep it that way"
Sincah says, "Heh"
Ragin' Cajun says, "haha"
(Malkor chuckles.)
Typ ponders, "see how easy to please us?"
Eldon GM ponders, "Note: 630 is not 603"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
Sincah ponders, "Just replace the mirror with a big pool ..."
(Athala floats in the water.)
Typ ponders, "now.. add some JAW in that pool.. heh"
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
(Typ): ^vvvvvvv^
Typ says, "sup yor"
Yor says, "Strim, Typ."
Typ says, "ah"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
Eldon GM says, "da da"
Ragin' Cajun says, "LOL"
(Yor growls in anger.)
Malkor ponders, "∑"
Typ says, "cool"
SnowLion says, "eep"
Yor exclaims, "Ig'ha!!!"
Makhno ponders, "landshark"
Typ says, "thanks eldon"
SnowLion says, "hehe"
Typ thinks, "/yell BLOODY WYRMY!!!"
(Eldon GM): Landshark!
SnowLion exclaims, "Get 'im!"
Malkor says, "Okay, that's pretty good, Eldon, but I bet you couldn't generate a bag of pixie dust right here."
SnowLion conks the Megamouth with a greymyr rock candy.
Yor ponders, "Candygram."
McBain ponders, "wee"
SnowLion says, "The bastard took my rock candy! =p"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "get about 30 of those. "
(Yor laughs.)
SnowLion says, "hehe"
Athala says, "=)"
(Typ): ^vvvvvvv^
McBain ponders, "naw 500 dark verm!"
SnowLion ponders, "Down to 4 now!!"
Mjollnir asks, "any progress on the idea of gardening?"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "seems like it."
Noa says, "It's in: kudzu."
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Luther says, "How about the two rings idea..."
(Ragin' Cajun grins.)
Dr Funky exclaims, "Kudzu invasion!"
Mjollnir says, "or making potions outside of the alchemy shop"
Sincah asks, "How about throwable tomatoes?"
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "attack of the killer zu!"
Typ asks, "how about money+exp chest invasion?"
Sincah says, "That's the real important thing."
(Skyraker sighs)
Hista asks, "Eldon: is the earthstone "quest" ment to end in ore whoring?"
Eldon GM posts a sign.
Malkor's stash of of Pixie Dust.
SnowLion says, "Need some greater deaths"
Sincah says, "Heh"
Mjollnir says, "heh"
SnowLion exclaims, "Hehe!"
Ragin' Cajun says, "LOL"
(Yor laughs.)
(Athala giggles)
Luther says, "could get rid of the "shoulder" carry barrels"
Zyfir is no longer Clanning.
Malkor's stash of of Pixie Dust.
Ragin' Cajun says, "hehe"
(Malkor takes out a knife and tries to rip through the bag.)
(Dr Funky grins)
Luther says, "then would have a slot for the second ring, that would be ONLY for wedding rings and such"
Mjollnir asks, "how about more bags like potion bandoleers?"
Malkor's stash of of Pixie Dust.
Sincah ponders, "No muscles, won't work"
Malkor ponders, "Damn. He's good."
Ragin' Cajun ponders, "what a tease, poor Malkor"
Malkor's stash of of Pixie Dust.
Luther says, "the shoulder slot seems kinda pointless to me"
Eldon GM says, "Second ring slot noted."
Eldon GM says, "New 'bags' are being considered."

The Dueling Glove and Blade

Eldon GM shows his dueling glove to everyone.
J'nder says, "cool"
Dr Funky says, "ah the dueling items"
(K'Pyn nods.)
Malkor asks, "Eldon, can I try that out?"
Dr Funky says, "herd bout' those"
SnowLion asks, "ooh get to slap people now?"
Eldon GM says, "You can be hit if you're wearing a glove only by someone wearing both the glove and blade"
(Noa glove slaps K'Pyn.)
Malkor says, "I promise not to steal it."
(Malkor grins impishly.)
Makhno ponders, "ok, you use the blade for the duel, but what is the glove for?"
Dr Funky says, "slapping"
Xyn D'El asks, "so it's not likely to be useful w/ specialty weapons?"
Leinis says, "the duel"
Mjollnir asks, "slapping people in the face?"
Luther ponders, "I hope there is a big delay in time you can put on take off..."
Mac ponders, "To show you open to pvp"
Eldon GM ponders, "Malkor would put both up on PuddeBay in 2 minutes"
K'Pyn says, "itís so there are two components at play"
(Eldon GM nods)
(J'nder grins)
Luther asks, "will there be a big delay eldon?"
J'nder exclaims, "Hi Veer!"
McBain ponders, "where do we get em?"
(Veer waves.)
Luther says, "don't want people taking them off mid battle"
(Athala waves)
Athala says, "=)"
Typ asks, "when can we attack like the locks do or the AMS?"
Mac says, "heh"
Veer ponders, "buncha bugs here!"
Eldon GM says, "Well, there's no use being a tester unless others have them too :)"
K'Pyn says, "yes...that is one of the tweaks already brought up"
(Veer gets out a fly swatter.)
Farb ponders, "this glove will self destruct in.."
Eldon GM says, "Use a weapon of your choice, Typ"
(J'nder blows kisses)
Typ asks, "?"
Typ asks, "how?"
Eldon GM says, "I'll be keeping an eye on the items"
Malkor says, "It's okay. I'll suffer the difficulties of being an early adopter."
Typ says, "i wanna throw fire too"
Typ says, "or huge rocks"
Eldon GM says, "So, I reserve the right to revoke them at any time"
Dr Funky exclaims, "I want a flamethrower!"
Typ says, "heh"
(Malkor wonders if they should be sold as a pair or individually marketed.)
Farb ponders, "flyswatter"
Eldon GM says, "Actually, I'll probaby just turn them into clubs :)"
NightBird thinks, "again? when are the drakes just gonna attack and get it over with?"
Eldon GM says, "BTW, feel free to /bug that that Drake noise is annoying"
Kani thinks, "Drake heard in N plains... they're loud now."
Typ says, "LOL"
K'Pyn says, "good idea"
(Athala giggles)
Dr Funky thinks, "heard it in fairgrounds"
Leinis thinks, "and in fairgrounds"
Luther ponders, "ah figured that was planned"
Eldon GM ponders, "It is on purpose but still annoying"
Vizer thinks, "Drake. It's what's for dinner."
Mjollnir says, "oh"
SnowLion says, "hehe"
(Veer hands NightBird a fly swatter.)
Leinis asks, "hey could you tell us what is happenening with the drakes?"
Omega thinks, "the other white meat!"
NightBird says, "thanks Veer"
Skyraker says, "speaking of annoying sounds ..."
Mjollnir asks, "has the bug in the auction house been fixed?"
(NightBird swats)
Xyn D'El ponders, "heh"
NightBird says, "er."
(Farb chuckles)
Athala says, "=("
NightBird says, "heh"
Dr Funky says, "eep"
Hista says, "i would like to see an orga that heals his brothers when wounded."
Farb says, "6/10/03 5:31:15p Farb has fallen to backwards incompatibility."
(Malkor laughs.)
NightBird says, "hah"
Talin says, "lol"
SnowLion says, "hehe"
(Leinis laughs)
Typ says, "LOL"
(J'nder grins)
McBain ponders, "isn't that eldon's pet peeve?"
Dr Funky says, "sounds nasty"
Veer asks, "how about monsters that run away when they are hurt?"
(Emer chuckles quietly)
Eldon GM says, "He keeps /bug'ging things backwards :)"
Farb ponders, "./bug gniyonna si esion ekard taht"
Mjollnir says, "heh"

Posted by Para at June 14, 2003 10:38 AM

Well, I wanna make my own island!

Oh, and if you have trouble sleeping, this is good to read all the way to the end... zzzzz

Posted by: Odes on June 17, 2003 09:44 PM
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