June 28, 2003
Gunslinger Reports on Portals


Gunslinger sent the following report on the portals to TMN:

Gunslinger reporting in with info on the teleportals.

This morning there were exiles falling all over the place to a "Tremendous Impact". I had to find out what the commotion was all about at the mirror in South Forest. Upon arriving in the mirror snell I found some badly fallen exiles and a strange purple sparkling. I tried to get through the sparklies and was frozen in my spot after a few seconds. A few seconds after that, I was taken from full health down to low red and thereafter teleported to a strange snell I've never seen before with the same sparklies, except they were yellow. The snell was surrounded on north, east, and south by a fence and to the west by a running brook. In the northwest corner of the snell there was an odd white cloud hovering. When approached you could see a far way down to land from a great height. A bunch of exiles decided that skydiving would be fun but neglected to bring a parachute with them. These were the folks falling from the sky into various places, like the marsh, with a tremendous impact.

After a short time, we found we could move the portal around by running through it and getting as far as you could before you froze in your spot and teleported, the sparklies following you. Mjollnir and myself began the proccess of moving the teleportal to town, joined later by Sunoril who also assisted us. We managed to get the teleport to the west of the south forest hospital and the green sparklies in the odd cloud snell appeared in the outpost area. Eventually we got it all the way to the garden. Took about (OOC) a half hour to do this. So, when entering the purple you would be ported to yellow and vice-versa.


The following is some information I was able to determine through some experimentation (in no particular order):

1. the portals are in our control as far as their position is concerned
2. training Mentus will help in not taking damage when using the portals (I have 10 Mentus and it is not enough, WormTongue has 25 Mentus and doesn't get hurt so i assume 20-25 is enough)
3. if you have no Mentus the portal will take your health to low red (it does mine at least)...but, upon going into the portal already on low red you will not fall
4. after using the portal you time-out, meaning that you can not get back right away; there is a 17 second delay
5. when you enter the portal you freeze in your spot after about 3-4 seconds, then you are stuck in place for 8 seconds before you port to the other side (then the 17 second delay)
6. if there is a person using the portal on one end and someone else is using it on the other, the first person in gets queued at the edge of the snell till there is space for them at the portal (it looks like one exile turning into another)

I'll report anything else I find about it as it arises.

In the meantime I believe a committee needs to be established in order to determine the best postion for each of the teleportals. As of now, there is no way to anchor them down to any particular spot.

Hands On!!

Posted by Para at June 28, 2003 05:06 AM

Fairly certain that the portals take a % of your health based on you rmentus. Meaning that they couldn't kill you since they don't take away a set ammount of damage only a % of what you have left. (Haven't tried going thru 50 times in a row, but after about 8 it never killed me)

Posted by: Salandra on June 28, 2003 06:24 AM

I've gone through the portals with different characters with varying amounts of mentus, and it seems as though 1 rank gives you 5% protection. So with 10 mentus you only lose 50% of your health, and with 20 you lose none.

Anyone have different results?

Posted by: Lex on July 1, 2003 12:43 AM

I am interested in the path or pattern of the clouds movements. Being a fighter however, I have not the brain capacity to comprehend it...(lazy)=)
Anyone note the day, time and zodiac the cloud had been over the mirror? would be intersting to see if its on some kind of cycle.

Posted by: Gun on July 2, 2003 06:27 AM
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