September 07, 2003
Burning of the Nox Sorora Chapterhouse


I'm going to create an archive of information about the burning of the Nox Sorora Chapterhouse here in this entry. If you have other material to be included, please send it to me. If you don't know much about why there's a burned-out building in the northeast corner of Puddleby, well then, read on.

I can't seem to find any pictures yet. Anyone have some?

From Firebird:
from mailing list (October 11, 2001)

Dear great clans of Dun'ilsar,

I come to you today with grave news. The Nox Sorora chapterhouse has been
burnt to the ground. We all may have our differences of opinion on the
Nox Sorora themselves, but such a crime is not something any should take
lightly. Imagine if it had been the dwelling on another clan. Where will
these rivalrys lead next?

It is in this manner that I bring forth that the clan Hunter has shown
activity leading up to this event. This respectible clan has been
negotiating in secret with the people that commit these acts. It is
possible that they have even provided these people with the means to this
destruction. Once again, I ask you all. What if it was your dwelling?
Many people almost died in the fire. It was a horrible sight.

This is why I call for the suspension of Hunter from Dun'ilsar pending an
investigation into their involvements in this act.

Thank you all,

Nox Sorora Chapterhouse Fire Reports in Fishwrap Magazine

from Fishwrap #45 (November 22, 2001)

Jeanne's news entry and 4 exile reports:

Never before have exiles had the power to destroy a building under
construction but that all changed when Polgara literally blew up the
Nox Sorora Chapter house.

Over the past few weeks, mysterious colored rocks were discovered
(and continue to be found) all over these lands. It turns out that a
traitor Darshak Sage was able to combine one of each colored rock into
a potion that, once lit, explodes and burns anything nearby. Both
Polgara and the Hunter clan managed to obtain not only stones of each
of the five colors but a meeting with the Darshak Sage to make the
potion. While the Hunter clan deliberated on what to do with the potion
and got both sides of the story (Darshak and Nox Sorora), Polgara had
her mind made up already. While Jo Ma'ril was talking to the Nox
Sorora, Polgara quickly slipped behind the chapter house and lit the
fuse. Several exiles that were near the chapter house fell due to the
immense heat but were quickly raised. Naamah and Lacrima then pulled
out their bloodblades and pretended to fight each other which was
really quite silly.

There is a lot of misinformation about but this is what I
understand from my reading on the subject. The Nox Sorora are enemies
of the Darshak who are enemies of Puddleby. So far, you'd think we'd be
best buddies but the Nox Sorora have some strange powers as well as an
allegiance with the Undine. Or maybe just Lilit has an allegiance with
the Undine and the other Nox Sorora either agree with her work or
haven't said anything against it publicly. In addition, there isn't a
definitive explanation of what the Nox Sorora really want to do. Those
loyal to the Nox Sorora mock the rest of us for ignorance but ignorant
simply beans "lacking knowledge and education in general or in a
specific subject." Maybe if the Nox Sorora was more forthcoming with
their beliefs and their future course of actions, exiles wouldn't be
afraid of them. Maybe if the Nox Sorora shows us what their powers are
and how they came from them and what they plan to do with them, exiles
wouldn't be afraid of them. Maybe some fear that the Nox Sorora would
do anything to defeat the Darshak, even if it harms Puddleby and exiles
in the process.

The best way for fear and ignorance to stop is for the Nox Sorora
to be more forthright with who they are. Of course, I could be wrong
too. So many people around here do love keeping secrets.

1) From MrFancyPants, as dictated by Jo Ma'ril.


Here's my account of the events surrounding the burning of the Nox
Sorora Chapterhouse.

Awhile back, I found a odd, crumbly black rock on Devil's Island. After
finding it, I went to town and showed it around, to see if anyone knew
what to do with it. I was approached by a member of clan Hunter, who
told me that their clan was gathering the stones, in the hopes of
finding what they do. I agreed to help with their research, but not to
give them my stone, as I didn't want them to make any decisions that
might harm anyone.

Time went by, we tried many different things with the stones, but
nothing seemed to have any affect. We were approached by a woman named
Agrath, and a woman named Lacrima about the stones. They both claimed
the rocks could be used in an enchantment to stop a great evil. Since I
generally dislike evil, this sounded like something I'd be interested
in! Agrath seemed more...friendly, though, and so I agreed to meet with
her at a later date.

Several members of Hunter, I, and various others who were nearby
gathered in Bumgal's hut to hear what these stones could do. Agrath
claimed the stones had the power to weaken the followers of the Night,
in particular the Nox Sorora. Moreover, she claimed that the stones had
no other purpose than this. I, however, didn't think this was true - I
thought there might be another use for them, and wanted to do more
research. However, she did make me suspicious about the Nox Sorora. Why
did they need a chapterhouse in town? It made me wonder...Agrath said
she didn't know how to use the stones herself, but she had a friend who
did, and would take him to us. Upon further questioning, it was
revealed that we didn't actually have to use the enchantment against
the Nox. After the enchantment was made, it would be given to us, and
the final decision on wether to use it or not would come from us.
Because of this I felt that I would be able to discover the uses of the
stones, and not harm anyone unless they deserved it. But did the Nox
deserve to lose their chapterhouse? I had to find out on my own.

So a few days later, I questioned some friends of mine who are in the
Nox, about their chapterhouse, their beliefs, etc. Much to my chagrin,
they were very secretive about the affair, and I felt they were hiding
something important from me. Because of this, I agreed to go along with
Hunter and Agrath and use the stones, but not to use the enchantment
without careful thought.

A few days ago, the scheduled meeting took place. A small escort of
mostly Hunter followed Agrath to Ash Island. We entered the campfire,
and slipped through a hidden passage into a section of the outpost we
had never seen before. Agrath told the escort to wait outside, while
D'Noma, Rel'lim and I entered a hut where the fellow we were meeting
was waiting.

To our shock, he was a Darshak priest! Rel'lim and I almost struck him
down on the spot, but D'Noma and Agrath stopped us before we acted
rashly. There was much debate, we weren't sure wether to trust the
Darshak or not. However, we felt that nothing potentially bad would
happen unless we used the enchantment against the Nox. In fact, the
Darshak fellow seemed nervous when I asked him if the enchantment could
be used against the Darshak. I sensed a great opportunity to strike at
the Darshak here, and decided to hand over my stones, as did Rel'lim.

The Darshak fellow performed some Alchemy, and handed D'Noma a flask.
He said to pull the string and run near the chapterhouse, and it would
do its job. We headed back to town and started discussing whether or
not to use it. At this point I decided it was time to hear the Nox's
view as well, and I strolled over to their chapterhouse, sat down, and
asked them some questions.

In the midst of my asking, Polgara, whom I haven't seen since long
before the Ripture War, ran up out of nowhere and dropped a flask just
like ours next to the chapterhouse and ran. It promptly exploded and
the chapterhouse burned to the ground, while Nox members threw
themselves upon it trying to put out the flames. Rel'lim came running
as soon as he heard the news, and showed me the Flask was indeed still
in his hands, he had not used it nor given it to Polgara. This leads me
to one of two conclusions: either Agrath had a deal with another party
(Polgara's party), or there was enough mixture left after our flask was
made for a second flask, and Agrath gave that to Polgara.

It seems the Darshak tricked me, and I am very sorry for the sorrow it
has caused. My intentions were not to harm your chapterhouse, as you
can see, but only to find a weapon that could be used against
Puddleby's enemies.

-MrFancyPants, as dictated by Jo Ma'ril.

2) From Arod of Clan Hunter:

Hunter Clan and the Nox Chapterhouse's Destruction

Some months ago Clan Hunter was approached by an exile who warned of
dire things that would happen if the Nox Chapterhouse was completed.
Over the last several months some members of Hunter have worked hard on
a project suggested by this stranger. Just the other day, the Nox
Chapterhouse under construction in the northeast corner of Puddleby was
destroyed at the very moment we Hunters discussed whether to do that
very thing.

I speak here for myself, and my views may not concur with those of my

First, I will always fight against the dark powers that are behind the
foul undine, the walking dead and the spirits of the dead given form
that have troubled us and the Empire back home for years beyond number.
Unfortunately, Nox Sorora dabbles with these powers: I therefore stand
against them. It is also true that many in Nox know little or nothing
of the Nox's involvement with these dark powers, and to these fine
folks I say: think carefully of what your fellow Sororans do when it
comes to the undine, an implacable enemy of the living. If you do not
agree that the undine are evil and must be fought with all our
strength, then you will naturally not agree with anything else I say.
So be it. Please note I have taken the time to learn what the Nox say
about themselves, and I trust the evidence of my own eyes as well.

Second, when the stranger approached us, we Hunters were extremely
skeptical. We viewed the claims the stranger made with suspicion, and
pursued the quest offered by the stranger with a great deal of caution.
On a recent night [10/11/01], the quest was completed, and the stranger
bid us to take the next step. This we did; I for one freely admit it,
for as I have mentioned I stand firmly against the dark powers that are
involved with the undine.

Third, it became clear to me (and this is a matter of conjecture) that
as the plan came together, and no trickery was revealed, that we indeed
had a weapon that would destroy the chapterhouse. It became equally
clear that the Darshak Sage who made this weapon wanted the
chapterhouse destroyed for his and the Darshak's own reasons, and that
we were being recruited to aid them. As the enemy of one's enemy is not
always your friend, I was willing to consider this blow against the
dark powers I saw gathering within our town's very walls. Better to
help an enemy a little by helping it eliminate a rival dark power in
our midst than allowing the growth of dark powers within our town, went
my thinking.

Fourth, once we had this weapon, we were urged forward by the stranger,
but Hunter took the time to really examine the question. Though all had
seemed on the "up and up" so far, there was no telling what this weapon
would really do, once used. Naturally, we gave careful thought to the
question of whether it was proper for Hunter to take unilateral action
in this matter. Not all Hunters see the darker side of the Nox in the
same light I do, for example, while others worried how such an action
might rebound upon our entire clan.

Fifth, while we discussed this question, someone else destroyed the
chapterhouse, using, we imagine, a weapon much like the one we still
hold. When some of us emerged from our discussion to view the ruins,
some began to say we Hunters were responsible. Although I was for
destroying the house, and some Hunters agreed with me, _we Hunters did
not do this thing_. Others argue that by going to the Darshak to have
the weapon made we enabled another to be made secretly, and it was this
second weapon that was used. This is unlikely, since Oak'm's beard
trimmer suggests that, simply enough, someone else completed the
necessary quest to gain such a weapon...and then used it.

Sixth, after the chapterhouse was destroyed and Hunter was
(incorrectly) linked to the act, a number of exiles made shrill, hasty
statements about having Hunter banned from dunilsar, being
excommunicated from something called Makros, and so on. I hope that in
the warm light of day these suggestions will be given more thought.
Hate me, if you will, for my views, but Hunter gave special and
painstaking attention to the question of using the weapon--so much
attention that in the end the question became moot.

Seventh, we have opened a very interesting chapter in Puddleby
politics. It will be interesting to see where all this takes us. No
matter what happens, you can rely on Lord Arod of Hunter to tell you
how it is (or keep his mouth shut). If you'd like to complain to me
directly, I have a post office box in Puddleby.

--Lord Arod, a Founder of Hunter and betrothed to the Lady D'Noma

3) By Shepherd

My friends, I am almost at a loss for words. The Nox Sorora
chapterhouse has been destroyed, and Lacrima is dead. I will try to
recount the horrible events as best as I can recall them.

I left the library that fateful day at the urgent callings of my
Priestess and my Brothers and Sisters. They seemed to be fearful that
the chapterhouse was in danger. There had been rumors circulating about
some colored stones, but I had paid them no heed. Even my clanmate
Forey warned me of a danger to our sanctuary. My Goddess, I did not
listen! I was so foolish!

Many, many members of the Sisterhood were gathered about the
chapterhouse. You can see most of them in my sketches. We did not know
the nature of the danger, as the word was that clan Hunter had the
means to cast a ward against us upon our chapterhouse. If only that
were the extent of the danger! We gathered about it, attempting to
protect it from any attack. Lacrima was skulking about, but I knew
trouble was brewing because the Matre was also there. Those two have
never met, and both are very powerful. As you can see, the Matre was
cloaked in darkness, due to some sort of rite of protection that she
had cast in the days before the attack. The other Sisters - Indigo,
Anaeka, Luna - were casting various incantations to protect those in
their circles.

The Gens Dea Drenn was there, looking very ill. So was Urgelt, who was
urging peace and empathy. Lacrima's weakness, he said, was that she
could feel no empathy, and thus could not anticipate the actions of her
opponents. I believe him, for I know that Lacrima is a creature devoid
of feeling. Yet, deep inside her, there is an innocence...

I know Lacrima was involved in this terrible destruction because she
paid Crius to request the stones that made the incendiary. Babajaga
seems to indicate that the Darshak are involved, as well... she says
that a Darshak Sage was consulted to convert the stones into the Ward.
There is also a woman, Agrath, who is quite hateful to my Sisterhood...
and clan Hunter.

When I arrived on this scene, as I understood, clan Hunter was debating
what to do with the Ward, while Lacrima came to taunt us. She quickly
left, however, fearful for her life... had she been wiser, she would
have remained away.

At this point, I lost consciousness briefly, and when I awoke, I forgot
to continue making sketches of what I saw. I will fill in the rest of
the story in more detail when I obtain detail from others who were

Clan Hunter arrived to ask us some questions about the chapterhouse.
They were fearful, it seemed, that it would be used to unleash an army
of undine against the town. The Matre assured them that the
chapterhouse would only be used to glorify Her presence, and that it
would be a place of study and reflection. I believe her wording was,
"It will be used to bring the blessing of Night to Puddleby". Hunter,
represented by Lord Arod, was doubtful of the benevolent protection
that Mother Night offers to this town, thus their quest to obtain means
to destroy our chapterhouse.

While they debated, a long-lost exile named Polgara arrived with a
flask similar to the one Hunter obtained! Despite our ring around the
chapterhouse, she cast it at its base, and next I knew, there was fire
all around! Oh, it was horrible, the screams of burning exiles, and our
years of effort going up in flames like so many of the Sisters who have
been persecuted on the mainland! Never have I seen such a blast, not
from Orga Warlocks, not from Fire Walkers, not even from Umbrion. I do
not recall much from this period, as all was fire and smoke as I tried
to heal my comrades and pull the wounded from the inferno. Truly it was
the most terrible thing I have ever witnessed, far more tragic than the
death of my father at the hands of my home village.

The Matre was enraged! She drew the Nox Calamus and charged at Lacrima,
who had come to gloat and perhaps stick her dagger into those who might
have survived the blaze. But Lacrima had a blade, too, one I had not
heard of- but it was evident that these two blades were like Night and
Day. Whenever they clashed, the air crackled, and it was if the world
was shaking. Lacrima's blows against the Matre seemed to bounce off a
dark cloak, which I presume was Agate, Handmaiden of Night, whose
protection Matre Naamah had called for in her earlier Rite.

Seeing that her blade was ineffective, Lacrima began to attack Naamah's
mind, but reeled when she encountered the Matre's iron will. You see,
Lacrima has been harassing our Sisterhood for many years now, and has
the ability to cause great pain and injury to the Sisters. But she had
never encountered the Matre, and I suspect that she anticipated the
same abilities and strengths as a Sister. But the Matre is a mystery -
she has no Gens, and what I've read of the Nox Sorora canon seems to
indicate that she was conceived without Leviathan's taint, which means
that she is the daughter of a Matre and none other. While I've always
received guidance and wisdom from our chapter's leader, she is cold...
they say that as a Priestess advances in Her glory, more and more of
her mind is the pure manifestation of Night and less the individual
whose body is the vessel of Her will. I cannot imagine the holiness of
the Honored Matre, who exists far away yet seems to communicate with
Naamah somehow.

Thus the Matre's might and power overcame the Bringer of Tears. I think
Lacrima was stunned by the power she encountered in Naamah's mind, and
that allowed an opening for the Nox Calamus. I wish I had been able to
look Lacrima in the eyes as Naamah twisted the blade in her gut, but I
was trying to extinguish the flames on the chapterhouse and on my
friends. Lacrima has caused us all much pain over the years.

So you see, the burning of the chapterhouse is but a side note to a
greater cusp - the meeting of Lacrima and Naamah and the subsequent
death of Lacrima. Clan Hunter, the Darshak, Polgara, they are all
puppets of this evil mastermind. She has struck a terrible blow to us
this day, and gained a victory for the Darshak, but with thanks to the
Eternal Mother, she will torment us no more. As Lacrima died, she
seemed to disappear into the Nox Calamus, and though I searched the
battleground, I could find no trace of her bright blade.

Afterwards, the healthier members of the Nox Sorora led a raid on Ash
Island. Many Darshak died at Nox Sorora hands that morning, and they
will be joined by many of their brethren. I did not go, I was too
distraught. Jazz has a recount of that raid.

My clanmate, Kira, is caring for Polgara and no doubt hiding her from
the vengeance of my Sisters. Kira says that Polgara is not well, and
seems to have been possessed by something. I know nothing more about
this, but will continue to record here what I learned.

Clan Hunter has issued a statement regarding their participation in
this destruction. They claim innocence by virtue of being beaten to the
punch, but I am not convinced that Polgara did not wield the same flask
that they obtained, passed to her possessed form as a distraction.
Speculation aside, we know these things for sure:

* Lacrima was the architect of this plot, as evidenced by her Crius
announcement and her gloating on the scene.

* Clan Hunter admits that they conspired with the Darshak to obtain
their Ward. Arod and Rel'lim are admitted participants in this plot, I
do not know which other members of the clan are in league with the

* Those guilty will stand in judgement before the Night Mother and no
mortal, the town court may issue what judgement it wishes but the
responsible parties will ultimately answer to Her. Thus I urge no
retaliation from neither my chapter nor any townmember who allows rage
to overrule their mind. Townsfolk who are uncomfortable with having
allies of the Darshak amongst them will likely sanction the traitors as
they see fit, but I urge that it be for Clan Hunter's cooperation with
the Darshak, and not for the crime which they did not commit.

* The Darshak will pay, and Ash Island will burn, in revenge for this
dark act.

4) From Polgara

To: Citizens of Puddleby

As I'm sure you've heard, I blew up the Nox Sorora house. I didn't mean

I talked to Luna (Nox Sorora priestess) and she and Thalion and Anaeka
helped me figure out what had happened - I was really sick and had
forgotten almost everything except for vague memories. Turns out
Lacrima possessed me and made me do this terrible thing.

I apologize to all of citizens of Puddleby for the stress I have caused
you so long after disappearing into the deep recesses of the library.
With the help of the Nox Sorora, I have made certain that this sort of
thing will not happen again. I am sorry for being used to cause
destruction and havoc in my beloved town. Please forgive me.

Solinde ila nak,

From Charlos:
from mailing list (October 12, 2001)


This is gonna be ooc, so take yer RP hats off. She
who used to click for Polgara has long been unable to
clan, and so gave her account to a friend. She asked
us if we should remove her from the clan, since it
wasn't her anymore. We decided, foolishly as it
turns, to not do so in the hopes that one day the
friend we once knew as Polgara would return to the
game. We didn't know that some chickenshit would take
advantage of this situation to bomb the Noxies. I'm
gonna try and find out what the other characters for
who the hell clicks for Polgie now from the old
Polgie, I have some idea but I'll get to it. Whoever
it is, and or whatever accomplices they've employed in
this matter, is a real slimy turd. We've lost a few
clan members over this and it pisses me off. So, do
me a favor, and save the "OWE should do this" crap for


Posted by Para at September 07, 2003 01:32 PM

Digging through the winds of dawn upload archives I believe I have found a vision stone. The page is scroll down to Delirium's section and download a too eventful day. I've never watched it but according to the description it should be of the event.

Posted by: Liolel on September 8, 2003 07:46 PM

The visionstone is a bit long, but yes it is of the event

Posted by: Delirium on September 8, 2003 07:47 PM
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