September 18, 2003
Success in the Foothills


Sagramor filed this report with TMN on today's Foothills Expedition:

"Success! Thanks to Zorton's magic, a large party of around 50 exiles quickly made it to the pitch caverns. Despite a promising start, things gradually fell apart, until only about 20 were surviving. They didn't give up, however, and slowly but surely grabbed and healed almost everyone over a few hours. Finally, after about 5 hours, we decided to send out a decoy while the pathfinders (all 25 or so!) ran for the book. Kalian kindly decoyed, and almost all pathfinders safely got to the book and started training! Many thanks to Fundin for putting the trip together, Yor for leading most of it, and Zorton for the jumpstart!"

Posted by Para at September 18, 2003 05:05 PM
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