September 22, 2003
Exiles Stranded on KI


Sabbit submitted the following report to TMN:

"Recently, one of the portals was moved to the south Kismia's Island hut. A group of hunters (Tara, Kani, Sa'wrap, Garpy, and Naferu) decided to poke around on KI for a short period of time. They soon found themselves stranded. Naferu said, "We entered about a quarter way through (IC) the night...PM asked how long we planned to stay and I said until the night ended. Malkor poofed the portal then and said he would be back later. Klur said we could leave if we vowed never to use the portal to 'avoid doors' again." Malkor, Klur, Althea, Mad Mark and Angela were spotted around the portals. Needless to say, Klur's terms were not accepted. With the help of NightBird, Connie, Mablum, Sephroth, Kishi and Drue the group was able to make it off the isle."

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Posted by Para at September 22, 2003 06:10 AM
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