September 26, 2003
Foothills Trip 2


Fundin sent TMN the following news about a new Foothills trip:

Another hunt to the Foothills will take place, led by Yor. I'll be organizing and recruiting, he'll be leading, just as before.

Please feel free to tell other exiles who'd like to come, there won't be any restrictions on exiles. However, we were short of boosting mystics as the 2 that I had lined up had to drop out, so any booster feel free to come along (lots of shares!)

This time we will be going to the Foothills via the Grotto Trainers for those who wanted to go last trip and couldn't.

I do understand that many US clanners want to go on a big Foothills trip so...

I'm currently talking with a few exiles and trying to sort a more US-friendly weekend hunt time. Please bear with me more news soon, but this trip is at a time best for Euro clanners. There will be more news about a US trip on my site and TMN soon.

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Posted by Para at September 26, 2003 03:01 AM
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