September 27, 2003
Pog Loyt Problems


Dandelion sent this report on Pog Loyt to TMN:

"So here's da ting ... it's bigger'n we first tought! Not only will Pog not sell me a ledger, he now tinks Slyph an' WormTounge an' Serra Lorne aren't skilled 'nuff eider! Dey can still train folx wit deir ledgers, but Pog's givin' 'em da same line 'e's givin' me, 'bout how 'e'll gladly sell 'em a ledger when dey're skilled 'nuff t'teach, an' how first dey gotter learn all dere is from 'is colleagues. But'cept he already sold 'em all ledgers an' dey can use 'em!

Some teories:

Mebbe onna da exiles I learned a langauage from hasn't turned inna marks to da school yet.

Mebbe Pog's gone an' got all uppity, talkin' to uvver trainers an' has decided to raise da bar fer teachin' languages an' now I'll hafta learn t'speak dat stinky language da 'Brions speak, or mebbe even T'rool!

Mebbe Pog's lost 'is mind.

Mebbe Pog's jealous 'cuz 'e can't teach any languages an' isn't takin' test results from Frrinakin an' Babelle Lyrn an' Lana Garaka an' Par Troon an' Sporrin an' Vor'harn.

Actions taken, so far:

Manx came t'talk some sense into Pog an' glared at 'im.

Slyph came t'talk some sense into Pog an' glared at' im. Gave 'im a good talkin' to, too, even treatenin' some drastic actions!

Drablak enlisted to give Pog 'is rully potent right-eye glare.

Taryn enlisted to glare at Pog.

WormTounge an' Serra Lorne bote spoke wit Pog about 'is attitude.

Natas' suggestion of punchin' 'im, den cussin' 'im out in six languages is bein' considered.

Dat's all I've got, so far. An' dere's a shot of Slyph glarin' at 'im."

Posted by Para at September 27, 2003 12:58 PM
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