June 26, 2004
Sor Reports on the Rowl Theft


In addition to Callus' report, TMN also received this report from Sor on Rowl's theft:

"There was some good adventuring today! It was a full moon day, and after a successful Orga Camp raid, it seems several lyfed exiles sensed some kind of excitement coming from Kizmia's Island. Yor promptly organized a party to check on the unguarded gem, but lyfes were in their strongest form from the full moon, so it took some time and a fair number of exiles to survive and progress up to the center of the lyfe caves. Along the way, lyfed exiles sensed various feelings emanating from Growl, which Rincewind was smart enough to try to analyze. He even sacrificed and got lyfed to get a better feeling of Rowl's behavior! It turned out that Rowl was just ahead of us when we reached the central snell, and we saw him jump from the statue, holding the supposedly powerful stone! We were unable to stop Rowl, of course, and he fled with the stone.

"We weren't sure what to do next: chase Rowl, or check on Groar, who would likely be his next target. Rincewind thought about using the empathic abilities in lyfed exiles, and they all put their heads together, feeling out for Rowl. It worked beyond expectation and they were able to see him hidden in a snowy tree, trying to figure out the use of the stone!

"Unfortunately, the expedition had been long and exhausting for most, and we agreed to exit and get fresh reinforcements at that point. There weren't enough willing exiles for that so the chase is postponed until there are enough willing souls again. We must act fast before Rowl gains even more power from the stone!

"Sun Dragon Clan will attempt to lead an expedition on Kismia's Island this OOC Saturday, 10 AM PST. The goal is to locate Rowl (although he may just come to us...) and try to retrieve the stone and defeat him (we have no clue how to do this yet!). Alternatively, we may try to wake Groar up to help figure out what to do with Rowl. Motivated exiles are welcome to take part in this noble endeavor; just be warned that there is a high risk of getting infected and departing in the end. Chaotic fights and furious action is almost guaranteed, though!"

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