June 27, 2004
Catching Up Is Hard To Do


Things are finally settling down here at TMN after the recent short-notice move of the TMN Headquarters a few weeks back. I'll finally get the winners of the Ad Art Contest #2 posted in the next couple days. Meanwhile, here are a few reports TMN received but did not get a chance to post earlier. I found them under some boxes of salmon jerky.

From Usagi:

"Greetings everyone,

"I'd like to let you all know about another change for Kismia's Island. We know about Rowl's presence, and his ability to lyfe upright exiles, destroying their necklaces. I have a fun addition: The South KI Hut is out of commission! What do I mean, you ask? Well, there are large boulders next to the door. No entry into the hut is possible. I found this out the unfortunate way after leaving the hut and being unable to re-enter. One depart later, I'm here to tell you about it. Sorry there's no picture, but I didn't have time to stand my ground to draw one while being killed by cave cobras. Probably should have, as I died anyway."

I got this from Usagi a while back. Does anyone know what the status is with these boulders now?


TMN received this note from Daine about a recent rash of book raffles:

"Phantasmonomicons are taking over! Get your own raffle house. *mutter


Aprender sent TMN this report a few weeks back:

"There's a new rug in the raffle house."

This raffle is long over, but it does make me wonder: are carpets showing up for raffle regularly now, or was this unusual?

Posted by Para at June 27, 2004 11:11 PM
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