August 21, 2004
Melabrion's Research


TMN Breaking News

Rincewind sent TMN the following report on Melabrion's research:

"Melabrion has apparently completed a major breakthrough in his ongoing research and has a new deal for us all. For the exorbitant fee of one million coins, 30 kegs of brambleberry beer, and a glass of cognac, he will give us six pieces of armor. This comprises two sets of three pieces each: one bronze, one iron; a helm, a breastplate and a shield in each set. The iron set is the superior version, the bronze set the more basic. He will further provide a Sarir to instruct Smythus (the blacksmith in north Puddleby) how to reproduce this armor so that everyone can obtain it; he said there was no restriction on who could wear it. The servant that I talked to was reluctant to say too much about details, but did say that iron, copper, tin, and gold were needed to make these items, and that these metals are available to us now if we search. The servant is ready to accept donations. He's in a somewhat inconvenient spot, though; it's not all that easy to give directly to him. The Sun Dragon and Order of the White Elephant clans (SDC and OWE) have kindly agreed to act as collection agents, so please give any donations towards this mammoth target to one of their members, and they will pass them on to the servant at regular intervals. The servant was unwilling or unable to provide more details and suggested discussing with Melabrion if we have any further queries. Please give generously!"

Discussion of the offer can be found on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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