August 28, 2004
Kismia and Melabrion


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


"Two storys:

"Fat Alice's visit after tha Kismia sightn last zodiac: Tina led a group yonder ta see Kizmia.

"Kizmia be a Human, be female, be an exile, and aint wearing the symbol of any clan. She gots a book, and she be wearing a sunstone and a shirt. Kizmia ponders, 'The old paths are reopening.'

"Afterwards, Alice tooked a break from her dice game ta see how we dun. She said that fer a tot o 20 o whiskey, she'd tell us o tha romance between Groar and Kizmia. That that be sumhow linked ta what Groar were searchin fer. She said ifn we was gonna be rude ta her though, we could go quiz Groar or Kizmia herself about tha relationship.

"Git more info from Tina since she did tha majority o tha talkin and motivatin and stuff.

"Second story:

"Mellybeby popped inta tha lands taday. I thought ta him, 'beer.' He thought back, 'beer.' Shaky, Polgara, and sum other folks went ta talk with him. Dunno what were said causn I were busy snake keelin. At tha end, Mellybeby suggested that we might could brush up on negotiatin type skills.

"Git more info from Shaky since he knows whatfer were said.


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