October 04, 2004
Rebels Defeated


Sor sent the following report to TMN:

"On behalf of the notorious anti-rebel group PTFF (Puddleby Task Force and Friends), I am glad to report that Phisney's Castle, formerly known as Tenebrion's Keep, has been rid of its rebellious squatters this day.

It has been several zodiacs now that rebels have been trying to hold and claim the whole island as their own. They even launched, with help from so-called Pirates, a quite ferocious assault on our town, which I heard was only repelled thanks to another cunning pirate trick.

I missed the event myself, but I was told that a rebel called Hari rebelled against the rebels and joined our side. Either from him or from hardy scouts, we learned that reinforcements would come with the approaching Chaos Storm, and that we would lose the island permanently if the keep was not reclaimed in time!
While this was not a very annoying threat, the prospect of more devastating invasions in Puddleby was quite worrying.

It seems that yesterday, a merry band led by the infamous Captain Stinkfist managed to make a dent in the rebels' defense before being blown apart (peaceful Flanders is put to blame, imagine that!).

When PTFF fighters jumped over the demesne's fence, they still found tough resistance and proceeded to wear the rebels down carefully. Mystic Raldin was called in to perform a few of soon-to-be-popular 'Flying Mystic Rescues.' Don't ask how they do that, but it's neat!

Eventually we were all able to stand in the yard outside the keep and fight down 3 of 4 dreaded Rebel Warlocks before yelling victory! From there we quickly scoured the keep, chasing rebels, stumbled up and down the tower and the basement, and checked the freezer and the zodiac maze. (Traveller's advisory: some guards who seem unreachable but should die of starvation soon are still lobbing boulders!).


Then we agreed to quickly tour the whole island, snell by snell, in search of the last rebels. A few were found, but they posed no real threat, and we left the island with the satisfaction to have done the most we could think of against rebels.


The island should now be safe (that is, normally dangerous) to enter from all sides, as well as the keep. All exiles are invited to keep the chase on so that there are really no rebels left to welcome reinforcements when the storm hits!

This sanitary task brought to you by Puddleby Task Force (and Friends)!"

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