November 07, 2004
Melabrion Emerges


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

"Mellybeby popped out ta his conference room taday.

"Short story:

"Talin negotiated a meetin with tha courier. Talin mentioned a deal sumone wanted ta perpose ta Melly. Fer sum reason, he were less'n trustin but open ta tha possibility. And so we left him with Talin workin on another meetin ta further tha negotiations. Mostly she be wantin ta make clear this deal be total separate from tha mystic deal.

"The rest of tha story:

"Talin, Shaky, tha Sheriff, Vanye, Bulgatra and me was keelin munkies and when we'd cleared em we decided ta pop round and say 'beer'. Kojiro and Ippon and Gorvin joined us in tha conference room. Like allays, Melly put out sum beer fer us ta drink.

"We ran inta sum o his guards and a couple o golums up in his conference room. It seems he were sendin em off onna errand at Tenny's house. He says it be dangerous up in his brother's keep. As soon as he gots alla his stuff, like tha clothes Tenny borryed and didn't return, then Phin, Stinky, and Xepel kin bard it out fer tha place.

"He says Tenny be still sick but he's got folks lookin after him. In tha mean time, dont believe what Tenny says.

"Shaky and Ippon and Vanye repeatedly asked fer pass keys. He said nope. Koj asked ifn he talked with my accent and nopers, he dont. Ippon quizzed him about tha clans o tha east, but he were clueless. Koj yelled at him which seemed ta hack him off a bit. Shaky decided he were a long lost brother.

"Noivad and Ippon asked ifn they could git tha armor. He said 'yeppers' They asked how and he said tha price from tha last negotiation. He asked tha status on Phin's composition. We had ta say that he were 'workin on it' and it'd be dun 'soon.' Shaky also wanted ta try ta talk him down in price even more.

"After a luvly chat and beer, he showed us ta tha door and we parted ways."

Posted by Para at November 07, 2004 05:41 AM
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