November 15, 2004
Meeting with Melabrion


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

"So Melly and Talin had themselves another discussion on tha armor taday. Me, Talin, Garr, Fiona and ‘thea was there ta visit with him. He passed out sum beer and we got down ta talkin.

"Talin had four issues she wanted ta git out in tha open about tha armor deal.

"1) It be total separate ta tha mystic deal. Melly says 'no problemo, separate deal, sure, whatever.'

"2) There be sum way fer ta know what we is gitn befer we gits it. (i.e. testin.) Melly says 'nopers, not gonna lend it out.' He then explained that he don't trust us ta give it back and he don't wanna be ripped off. Garr suggested collateral, but Melly says there's nuthin he wants ta hold that aint in tha price already. Talin suggested a controlled test where his guys was wearin tha armor but by then Melly’s patience with sayin 'nope, not gonna happen' were used up so we went on ta tha next point.

"3) Sumhow be able ta know how much we has donated so she don't gotta keep tha close tally. He said he'd work on teachin Sarir how ta communicate how much been gived, but it weren't a trivial thing. Then he said sumthin about it bein as hard ta teach a Sarir ta do sumthin after it'd been gived its duties as it were ta keep a certain dorf shober in nwf. That last bit were lost in translation.

"4) Plannin o tha exchange o tha armor when it be paid fer. He said he were cool with tha 'community' (his air quotes, not mine) agreein on who got what so long as Phineas were guaranteed a piece. He were as surprised as tha rest ta find out that Phin were gonna meet with an accident shortly after tha next skinnin contest gits announced.

"After we hit them points he gave us summore beer and went on his way."

Posted by Para at November 15, 2004 06:14 AM
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