July 25, 2005
Pitch Cave Expedition Succeeds


Lil Elpur sent the following report to TMN:

H'loi Paramedic,

The trip to the first pathfinding book in Pitch Cave 1 was a success today. We had a nice turnout and the folks were very friendly and fun to travel with. We brought the pathfinders to the book, and I counted 15 people entering the library to study it! I know a few had already completed Book One, but 11 or 12 pathfinders with more book training was very nice to see.

A big thank you to everyone who came along; it was excellent teamwork from all and an outstanding performance by the whole group.

-Lil Elpur

Inside the PC1 library and some of the pathfinders that were training.

The recovery after the noids nearly wiped us out as we were trying to get home.

Posted by Para at July 25, 2005 05:45 AM
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