September 25, 2005
Farewell from Haro


Haro sent the following announcement to TMN:

To confirm the rumors flying around (and to get you to stop asking me!): I am indeed leaving the lands soon.

I am hoping to find my son. I have not seen him since I was exiled. I may or may not return, but one thing is for sure: if I do return, it will not be any time soon. I am hoping to get my son here safely, but I may not return from my adventures. If I don't return, I hope you treat him with the same kindness and acceptance that you have shown me. Farewell! I remember all the good times we all shared (most of them seemed to end up with me falling a lot). I will remember those few people I got to know during my brief stay in Puddleby. I will wish you all luck in any upcoming battles (I hope to see the beginning of a war before I have to leave). I thank you all for your kindness, time, and occasional good karma. In the immortal words of Super Chicken, "Bawk!"


Posted by Para at September 25, 2005 10:22 PM
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