December 02, 2005
Pirate News Update

stinkfish_not_dead.gif tara.png

Stinkfist and Tara relayed the following announcements to TMN in Town Center:

Stinkfist says, "Rotbeard has bribed darshak to fight against me"
Tara yells, "I am the Pirate Queen"
Tara ponders, "arrrr"
Stinkfist says, "thats all i gots ta report"
(Paramedic nods)
Stinkfist says, "journalize it up a lil bit"
Tara says, "i gots a report for ya"
Stinkfist says, "toss a spin on it"
(Paramedic takes note)
Tara says, "anyone who trys ta take me crown ill ...ill .... smush um good"
Stinkfist says, "arr that goes fer me"
Stinkfist says, "but replace smush with shank in tha back"

Posted by Para at December 02, 2005 12:33 AM
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