August 14, 2006
Book Four Mystery


Fundin sent this report to TMN on behalf of PAG some time ago. Due to a mixup at TMN Headquarters, the report was misplaced. I'm finally posting it today.

The following message may contain spoilers. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the information below.

We entered the Pitch caves aiming for PC14 and the silent book there. Today's trip went very smoothly, and we found success.

We tried a new strategy of not zuing off the pit in PC7 but luring it all out, and that took a while longer but led to a smoother exit from PC7 later. It turned out to be useful when the group ended up waiting a bit longer than expected at the north end of PC7, and the absence of webs flying allowed the group to survive two backspawns there. We tried a new strategy of luring out PC10 through the path, but that had some bugs in it, so we ended up doing it the usual way with a runner and zuer. It took a bit of effort to conquer PC10, but after that it was smooth sailing to lure out PC11 and then PC14.

Upon reaching the book, we found it had a name this time: Master Janis' Mental Mysteries. So no more pathfinding here, costing Yor some serious change in various bets. Instead, Malkor was able to start training in this skill. Somewhat surprisingly, J'jh also was qualified to train and she signed up as well. She apparently has a substantial amount of Mentus training, which may make the difference.

It is an ambiguous name for a book, so we really don't know what it teaches yet. Hopefully the rank message will shed some light on this. I'm guessing it boosts overall mental energy or perhaps regeneration, and that it won't have many lessons (5-10) and likely only 1 chapter, but time will tell.

After visiting the book, we headed to PC16. PC15 was relatively light, with just a couple Slate Noids and Crimsons, and PC16 was very light indeed. Curiously, Malachite Noids lured into PC15 from PC16, which does not happen elsewhere in these caverns. The PC16 blue mushrooms yielded two more azure spores, so we now have four of these. Still no use, but one hopes we'll find some new potion to have analyzed somewhere about, sooner than "soon".

Update: studying Master Janis' Mental Mysteries allows you to have more than five in your think group.

Posted by Para at August 14, 2006 03:38 PM

Nice find! Keep up the good work, PAG.

Note: Is there any final number on how many ranks you need to get in it yet?

Posted by: Kinon on August 15, 2006 06:25 AM

We have some number, i don't think we actually written it down yet. Thers a few people with the training around, Kani and Azriel, J'jh and Yor off the top of my head, you can ask them about ranks :0)

Still unsure if its worth the number though imo, and its one hellva long way for an extra slot!

Posted by: Fundin on August 15, 2006 12:31 PM

I think it's 20 ranks (not 100% on that) and the number of additional slots depends on mentus (not 100% on that either). It increases more than 1 slot though -- I think those listed above have 8 or so slots.

Still, it seems pretty useless unless there are some other, more subtle effects, or is a prerequisite for a yet-undiscovered book.

Posted by: Sala on August 15, 2006 12:41 PM

I was lucky enough to make it there with yor, kani and party... I have 20 lessons and 65 mentus and get 7, But i barely use the 5. This was before we knew what the book did, or anyone was letting on what it did. I Don't see it as a total waste the excursion was a lotta fun.

I still need to get to book 2 PF though, if any trips are planned please let me know

Posted by: omega on August 15, 2006 05:25 PM

Any affect on shares? :)

Posted by: Phineas on August 15, 2006 07:49 PM

Have any Rangers with lots of Splash tried? Any indication that Splash is a reasonable substitute for Mentus in this respect?

Thanks for reporting, very cool, nice implementation for an often requested ability.

Posted by: Cinn on August 16, 2006 07:56 AM

I'm nearing 20 Janis but still only 6 slots. I only have 20 mentus though.

It's kinda useful for me, where AOing activities are concerned, but I still think the rank investment and book location are a bit on the absurd side. Janis's book is in one of the furthest (away from town) and most difficult to reach spots in the entire world.

I probably won't get the next chapter since it seems simply adding more mentus on top of the Janis I have will give me more slots.

Posted by: Yor on August 16, 2006 09:34 AM
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