November 05, 2006
Captain Scabfoot Collapses


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

I am writing to report on a rather sad encounter with Captain Scabfoot that occurred late in the evening on Sombdi. I had noticed that the Captain was in the lands, and upon inquiring I was told he was with several exiles in MaryJane's apartment. Evidently they were trying to help him recover from his previous encounter with the Necromancer.

Suddenly the sunstone network lit up with warnings that Captain Scabfoot had escaped. He ran south, entering South Farms and beginning to pound desperately upon the locked doors, calling for help. It was very sad and confusing as exiles surrounded him, trying to keep him from running without hurting him further. He was finally cornered against a fence, where many attempts to speak to and/or calm him failed.

His only semi-coherent remarks before he collapsed from the strain were something about "Darkness..." and "Olive..." It was clear that Scabfoot was in great distress. Several exiles went to try to find Olivebeard, but they were not able to get any information before a Darshak Skirmisher appeared in the South Farm. The Skirmisher killed nearly everyone there, including myself, and Scabfoot ran away with the Skirmisher in pursuit.

The last I heard was that Scabfoot had somehow managed to make it safely back to MaryJane's home, where he is once again resting in relative safety. If anyone knows more news, I would welcome their comments!







Posted by Para at November 05, 2006 06:29 PM
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