January 14, 2007
Mosey to Melabrion's Mines


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


Ima sendin this mainly fer ta describe a mosey and also ta show Jo we dun it. It starts with FB (Falinea's Blade) pickin a place fer ta mosey. What be tha drivin force be lookin at who we has and what will stretch tha crew. Tanight we had me and Manqy and Del and Dande and K'vynn.

So we decides ta go ta Melly's mines. Well, we made it past tha pit and tha forky area and is jest about at our limit. But I asks ifn we wanna do a) tha stupid thing (go ta deep toks with jest us) b) hunt sumplace else, or c) go do sumthin else. Ya never knows. Well Del picked "a".

Tha rules is simple. We goes in and keels and goes out when pepples is sciart. Basically, it be like Brune says - fighters will follow where tha healin goes. So ifn tha healers goes out, it be a sign.. ya dont gotta have tha explicit "out." In this case, Dande thought it mightcould be prudent ta regroup.


We got back up and got our toehold and Kvynn gived us an idea o what lay ahead. Is why we dont go chargin or send a blind lurer. Truthfullike, me and Manqy is kinda heavy on tha Histia and light on tha Atkwho? so uses boosts fer balance and accuracy. I likes havin tha snell we is in or tha one we is goin ta orbed so I dont have ta go runnin all over creation ta find out what be there - if anythin. I knows sumfolks gits a might put off by orbin, but in circumstances where tha mystic pauses fer a quiet moment ta do it (like when yer healin green->white) ya kin git an idea o what be about.


So we got a emerald lured and we bashed it and we declared victory. Tha final hurdle were ta git home. It be a poorly kept secret that tha last half hour o our moseys alla us is fallin asleep. Case in point, Del camed ta a daid stop while we was exitin. O course, she woked back up - but it were touch and go fer a bit till we tucked her inta tha liberry.


And that be what a mosey be like when we is jest a few folks. The end.


-Connie Crete

Posted by Para at January 14, 2007 10:40 AM

Yours truly will point out that careful positioning of myself let us finish that one emerald tok nicely... even if the snake almost killed me.


Posted by: Kvynn on January 14, 2007 01:22 PM

Del coulda rodded tha snake, Kvynn.


Posted by: Connie on January 14, 2007 04:25 PM

That was an evil snake.


Posted by: Kvynn on January 17, 2007 11:49 PM
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