January 29, 2007
The Sneaky Chicken Steals the Largo Interview!


Super Chicken presents the following special TMN Feature Interview:

Yap yap yap! So when I saw all these Thoomcare posts about the Largo interview, one thing came to mind: CHICKEN GLORY! and so without anyone's permission or knowledge, I sneaked away with Largo and stole the interview from all other interested reporters, which happened to be no one, since no one was interested in interviewing Largo. Luckily, everyone wants to read more about Chicken!

(Super Chicken gets out his writing pen and notepad!)
Largo: "You the interviewer?!"
Super Chicken exclaims, "I sure am!"
Super Chicken yells, "Bawk!"
Super Chicken says, "Well now"
Super Chicken asks, "could you state your full name?"
Largo says, "Uh."
Largo says, "Largo."
Super Chicken asks, "not Largo Chicken or anything?"
Largo says, "Not Largo Chicken."
Super Chicken exclaims, "alrighty then!"

Largo says, "Just Largo."
Super Chicken asks, "question one: on a scale of 1 to 10, how far past 10 does my chicken glory extend?"
Largo asks, "I thought this was about me?"
Super Chicken exclaims, "it is!"
Super Chicken says, "It's about how YOU ( largo) think about me"
Super Chicken says, "and my greatness"
Largo asks, "Are all the questions variations of this one?"
Super Chicken says, "don't be silly"
Super Chicken says, "come on largo, tell me of my chicken greatness"
Largo asks, "What about where I stand on all the important issues?"
Super Chicken asks, "like foot grabbing and horn blowing?"
Super Chicken says, "Oh, never fear, i'll get to those too."
Largo says, "Oh, uh. Okay."
Largo says, "9.5, I guess."
Super Chicken says, "no no, it's past 10"
Largo says, "Uh. 10.5."
Super Chicken exclaims, "That's your first incorrect answer! answer another wrong I'm penalizing you with chicken points!"
Largo asks, "What?"
(Super Chicken nods approvingly)
Largo asks, "I'm being GRADED?"
Super Chicken exclaims, "sure are!"

Super Chicken says, "alrighty then"
Super Chicken exclaims, "let's move to fashion sense!"
(Largo nods.)
Super Chicken says, "You've moved up on the fashion ladder with your snazzy green shirt"
(Largo nods.)
Super Chicken asks, "how long untill you develop a ... chicken like wardrobe?"
Largo asks, "Define chicken like?"
Super Chicken says, "oh you know"
Super Chicken says, "my bubble gum pink"
Super Chicken says, "my colbert blue, my all gold outfit"
Super Chicken says, "all part of the path to chicken glory"
(Largo shrugs.)
Super Chicken asks, "You have no plans to develep a even newer shirt?"
Largo says, "I don't really like really bright colors."
Largo says, "I'm considering saving my coins for an albino maha shirt for some dying."
(Super Chicken nods)
Largo says, "Past that, I'm not sure."
Super Chicken asks, "and how are you in the foot grabbing department?"

Largo says, "While we're on the subject of fashion though, I'd like to say purple is very last season."
Largo says, "Anyone wearing purple is either Relkin, color blind, or out of the fashion loop."
Super Chicken exclaims, "!"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Wait until the purple mystics hear this!"
Largo says, "Well, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and go with colorblind."
Super Chicken asks, "Actually, what do you have to say to the purple mystics such as Maryjane, Tina?"
Largo says, "Ease off. The purple gimmick is getting old, and it hurts my eyes."
Super Chicken asks, "So what colors do you think the purplers should take up?"
Super Chicken asks, "tan? grass green?"
Largo says, "Anything but purple."
Super Chicken asks, "some other color?"
Largo says, "Orange is a good choice, one that everyone should at least look in to."
Super Chicken asks, "How did your radical anti-purple views begin?"
Largo says, "When I started hearing about purple mystics on the sunstone every five minutes."
Super Chicken asks, "were you ever beaten as a kitten by a purple mystic?"
Largo says, "To the public: There is actually no such thing as a subtle purple benefit."
Largo says, "And no, I wasn't ever beaten by a purple mystic."

Super Chicken says, "Let's move on"
(Largo nods.)
Super Chicken asks, "How are you in the art of the foot grab?"
Largo says, "I don't have much practice. I don't even own a cloak."
Super Chicken exclaims, "!"
Super Chicken asks, "tail grab?"
Largo says, "I mean, I have such a pretty face. No reason to cover it up."
Super Chicken asks, "or the tricky reverse tail grab, where you place your tail in someone's unsuspecting hand?"
Largo says, "I've never done that."
Largo says, "It sounds kind of creepy."
Super Chicken exclaims, "!"
(Super Chicken blows his horn at largo!)
You blow your horn.
(Largo blinks.)
Super Chicken says, "That's not creepy at all! you should try it"
Super Chicken asks, "and how are you at hornering?"
Largo says, "I'm too poor to own a horn."
Super Chicken asks, "have you ever tried to blow into a shoe and aim it at people?"
Largo says, "I have never done that."
(Super Chicken nods)
Super Chicken asks, "it appears you haven't done alot. no foot grabbing, no horn blowing, how do you expect to take after your chicken master?"
Largo asks, "Chicken master?"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Bawk!"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Chicken master!"
Largo says, "I guess I have interests other than molesting people's feet and being horny."

Super Chicken asks, "So, many have called you Lardo due to your girth, how did you take off the pounds, and a follow up question, how did you get them back so fast?"
Largo says, "Oh, that. There never was any girth."
Largo says, "Pun'isher started it - she's jealous because I'm prettier than she is."
Super Chicken exclaims, "!"
Super Chicken asks, "What do you think Punnie will say to that after she reads this interview?"
Largo says, "I'm pretty sure she can't read."
Super Chicken exclaims, "!"
Super Chicken asks, "How do you think the next fen elections will go?"
Super Chicken asks, "Do you plan to run against Manx?"
Largo says, "I really hope I don't have to run against Manx, because I'd lose. No question about it."
Largo says, "I would like to run, though."

Super Chicken asks, "So what happened to your failed marriage with boo boo?"
Largo says, "No comment."
Super Chicken asks, "and your 2nd more secret failed marriage with Relkin?"
Largo says, "No comment."
Super Chicken exclaims, "!"
Super Chicken asks, "what are your professional plans for the future? champion? ranger? bloodmage?"
Largo says, "Undecided. At some point I might look into the fell blade, but I'm not sure."
Super Chicken says, "and we'll end this interview with how it began,"
Largo says, "I might not chose a specialty blade at all."
Super Chicken exclaims, "bask in my chicken glory!"
Largo asks, "That's it?"
(Super Chicken nods)
Largo asks, "You aren't going to ask how I keep my fur so shiny?"
Super Chicken says, "I'd have liked to have added more chicken related material, but I ran out of ideas"
Largo asks, "Or my hair so luxurious?"
Largo asks, "Or about my clan?"
Largo asks, "Or more about fen presidency?"
Super Chicken exclaims, "nope!"
Largo asks, "Or about these really, really, really expensive pants?"
Super Chicken says, "serously largo, the readers are interested in hearing more about me."
Largo says, "I don't think so - there were two articles begging for me to be interviewed."
Largo exclaims, "That's never happened to you!"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Because you submitted them!"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Thanks for attending the interview!"
Super Chicken exclaims, "Bawk!"

Posted by Para at January 29, 2007 07:42 PM

For the record, I didn't submit those two articles.

Posted by: Largo on January 29, 2007 07:57 PM

Best interview on Thoomcare ever.

Posted by: on January 29, 2007 11:10 PM

Chicken glory is mine!

Posted by: Super Chicken on January 29, 2007 11:31 PM

Awwww Largo i tried to interview you before chicken grabbed you - a whole 4 days before. I tried while we were all fallen in scarmis. And *sniff* you ignored me. Wah..... No more smoochies until you smooch and make up with me :p

p.s. can kitty say meow?

Posted by: Inu Teisei on January 30, 2007 07:07 AM

*glares some more*

Posted by: DragonHawk on January 30, 2007 08:46 AM

I thought I saw my name in there somewhere so I will assume that Lardo...er Largo said some great things about me. I CAN READ!! I swear it.
/ponder think they bought it?
/ponder no
/ponder why are you talking to yourself
/ponder I don't know
/ponder than STOP IT!!
/ponder k

Your pal,

Posted by: on January 30, 2007 09:04 AM

I'm very proChicken but that interview made my head hurt a bit... not as bad as a club or a 2x4 might have made it hurt -- but close.

Posted by: Hunk on January 30, 2007 09:55 AM

Scooped! Chicken's was mostly better, but he didn't ask about Bane of the Black Heart.

Posted by: Illora Mone on January 30, 2007 10:34 AM

Chicken is so far above 10.5! he is like 10,000,000,005 MAYBE.

Posted by: Blackhand on January 30, 2007 11:05 AM

Yar! I'm way above 10.5, largo was wrong!

Posted by: Super Chicken on January 30, 2007 12:57 PM

Chicken is more like -10.5.
Har har!

Posted by: Gil-galad on January 30, 2007 04:13 PM

Lardo Von Lardovicz!! Vice Fen President!! Hrrmm... I had hoped this interview would encompass how Largo and I are twins... interesting.

Chicken soup is tasty, now that's a 10.5+... *sincker*

Posted by: Astral Duck on January 30, 2007 08:41 PM

Largo is just jealous.. in his heart of hearts he wants to be a purple mystic, but we turned him away.. He just isn't pretty enough to carry it off.

Posted by: MaryJane on January 30, 2007 09:44 PM

You wish, MJ.

Posted by: Largo on January 30, 2007 10:08 PM
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