March 03, 2007
Skirwan's Day With Wangah

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Skirwan sent the following report to TMN:


So somethin' weird happened today, and before Wangah starts spreading his version, I kinda feel like I need get to tellin' folks what really happened.

It all started earlier today - I was sittin' in TC, resting up after a walk through purgatory, when Wangah Rah sunstoned me. We 'chatted', and eventually he convinced me to come to the badlands - he said he was doing an experiment, and he needed to be fallen. And of course, the idea of knockin' Wangah down sounded like great fun to me! Plus, a Mystic at the badlands - what did I have to fear, right?

So we went way south into the badlands, and then into a tunnel below one of the bases, and then came up and went through the woods... I don't know the badlands very well, I was kinda lost. But finally he stops, and tells me to go ahead an' kill him.

So I did. One hit. Good times!

Then the trouble started - he twitched and moaned just like an exile does around the Feast of Tsirrin, only really quick-like. And then he stood up, lookin' for all the world like a greater wraith! Except he musta been stronger than most wraiths, because he ran me down and felled me with no trouble at all.

Then he stopped for a second, and suddenly an ethereal portal opened. Except he wasn't holdin' a portal stone, and it opened too far away from him, on the other side of my body.

Then more weird stuff - he reached down, touched a finger to my sungem, and somehow used it to sunstone stuff so it looked like I was sayin' it! He sunstoned something weird about me wantin' to trade him to the Brions or somethin'... Said something about a 'darkstone' in there too, whatever that is. I didn't really follow.

Then he hooked a chain under my belt, and ran into the portal, draggin' me behind! He ran around the EP for quite some time... the critters there just ignored him, though. I guess they thought he really was a wraith. Heck, maybe he was, I dunno.

We ran for ages - I dunno where we were goin', that place is a mystery to me when I don't have a map ready - until finally he started glowing red. He stopped for a second, and then he started really running - I guess he knew whatever was making him a wraith was wearing off. Finally he just froze in place, and a cluster of purple flame appeared around him, and suddenly he was just a fallen Sylvan in a cloak.

We chatted for a bit - he wouldn't tell me what he was doing or why he was (literally!) draggin' me into it. He didn't seem very happy though.

He told me that we were in the third sphere, and would be an easy rescue, and he told me he was going to blame me for all of this - say that I killed him and chained him in. Like I could survive for more than a few seconds in the EP alone! Then there were people sunstone about quakes in town, and ethereal critters in purgatory, and finally somehow sunstoned that the planes were shifting, and someone else said that we were fallen in the sixth sphere.

I still didn't want to depart, 'cause I know that's not good for the planes and all. He didn't depart either - maybe he's really concerned about planar warming too, or maybe he's like Teenybrain now, and he can't. When I mentioned Teenybrain, he kinda let slip that he had been trying for Teenybrain in the eighth sphere, and that he had made a wrong turn. I guess he was going to save the Brion and leave me there in his place. I don't know why - maybe there needs to be someone to trade for him for some mystical reason, or maybe he just didn't want any witness.

I kept pestering him for more info - I can be really annoying when I want to, ya know - but he kept ignorin' me. Finally I started singin' ten zillion bottles of beer on the wall... and of course, I don't know what a zillion less one is, so I just kept roundin' up to a zillion.

He growled, glowed blue for a sec, and then I found myself standin' in purgatory.

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