November 22, 2001
Fishwrap #45 - "The Fur and the Flames"



"Printed in beautiful downtown Puddleby"

Issue #45: "The Fur and the Flames"
Special Super-sized Edition: Ideal for Wrapping Leftover Roast Vulture
[November 22, 2001]
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Exiles Get Fuzzy
Explosive Event
Katpus Speaks
Merlisk and Wangah Rah Try a Spell
Malkor Still Alive
Memories of Mystic Healer
Explorations Advance


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* Norm gets a training ledger from Regia
* Callia measuring levels of ether
* Festival of T'srrin
* Carnival in East Farms
* Exiles contracting Lyfe disease
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* The Phantasmonomicon
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* The wedding of Arod and D'Noma
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News from the Fen Bureau

So many shocking events have occurred over the past few weeks that I am still reeling from some of the ramifications that present themselves to me. Here are the most important events that I've had the pleasure to see first- or second-hand.

Never before have exiles had the power to destroy a building under construction but that all changed when Polgara literally blew up the Nox Sorora Chapter house.

Over the past few weeks, mysterious colored rocks were discovered (and continue to be found) all over these lands. It turns out that a traitor Darshak Sage was able to combine one of each colored rock into a potion that, once lit, explodes and burns anything nearby. Both Polgara and the Hunter clan managed to obtain not only stones of each of the five colors but a meeting with the Darshak Sage to make the potion. While the Hunter clan deliberated on what to do with the potion and got both sides of the story (Darshak and Nox Sorora), Polgara had her mind made up already. While Jo Ma'ril was talking to the Nox Sorora, Polgara quickly slipped behind the chapter house and lit the fuse. Several exiles that were near the chapter house fell due to the immense heat but were quickly raised. Naamah and Lacrima then pulled out their bloodblades and pretended to fight each other which was really quite silly.

There is a lot of misinformation about but this is what I understand from my reading on the subject. The Nox Sorora are enemies of the Darshak who are enemies of Puddleby. So far, you'd think we'd be best buddies but the Nox Sorora have some strange powers as well as an allegiance with the Undine. Or maybe just Lilit has an allegiance with the Undine and the other Nox Sorora either agree with her work or haven't said anything against it publicly. In addition, there isn't a definitive explanation of what the Nox Sorora really want to do. Those loyal to the Nox Sorora mock the rest of us for ignorance but ignorant simply beans "lacking knowledge and education in general or in a specific subject." Maybe if the Nox Sorora was more forthcoming with their beliefs and their future course of actions, exiles wouldn't be afraid of them. Maybe if the Nox Sorora shows us what their powers are and how they came from them and what they plan to do with them, exiles wouldn't be afraid of them. Maybe some fear that the Nox Sorora would do anything to defeat the Darshak, even if it harms Puddleby and exiles in the process.

The best way for fear and ignorance to stop is for the Nox Sorora to be more forthright with who they are. Of course, I could be wrong too. So many people around here do love keeping secrets.

The mysteries of this island seem to mainly two; Umbrion's Keep and the disease called Lyfelidaism. Thanks to the wonders of visionstones, I have seen this island and the dangers and benefits that are to be found there.

In Umbrion's Keep, anyone can learn how to use and buy a Phantasmonomicon which creates illusions in sentient beings. Those in the mystic guild can also train in the use of the Ether Amulet which measures the activity of ether in the area. Finally you can trade an Albino Maha pelt and 500 coins to make an off-white cloak.

In the rest of the island, you can face many strong and powerful creatures while you attempt to find your tree to get off the island. You can also catch the disease called Lyfelidaism which turns you into a furry dog that walks on its hind legs. I've seen a number of those affected emit bad smells and hunger for their fellow exiles. In fact, Neige reports that he got bitten by Aki and that is how he acquired the disease. Luminary reports that Aki chased her as well.

Every time exiles go over to Kizmia's Isle to find the ingredients for the curing potion, more get affected. What will be the result of this? Will those affected eventually bite everyone else so the majority of exiles have Lyfelidaism? What will happen then? Oh, you might say that nothing bad will happen and that's what I thought until I heard of Neige being bitten by Aki. I suggest that everyone stay away from those affected and stay away from Kizmia's Isle (unless you're already infected)!

In order to free up an inventory slot, Malkor auctioned his wedding ring from Cassandra for 1 coin a ticket. Cassandra told me, upon questioning, that she was extremely upset and he had better get the ring back or else. I haven't heard of them splitting up so Malkor must have done what she asked.

In the grange, Zuku has arrived to sell kudzu bags which are specially designed to keep the seedlings healthy and sell for 50 coins each. I never even knew that seedlings could get sick. Is this another way to take up an inventory slot or do they speak of something neat coming in the future such as farming?

Next to the costume shop is Oukkri, who is collecting white feathers so the ballroom costumers can make chicken costumes. Perhaps now Super Chicken can look like a chicken for at least part of the time. I can hardly imagine how foot pulling in town is going to be like when the participants all look like chickens.

Nyssa, one of the most outspoken of mystics, has returned to the lands.

The Sylvan Outpost is still closed. Makes me wonder if the Sylvan are always this inept.

Witkus now accepts returns, with a hefty restocking fee, tangleberries and togron nuts are edible, and fallen people don't heal while they're studying any more.

News from the Fen News Bureau is brought to you by:

Jeanne's Legacy

* Her merchant store is now open. See her current prices and what she has in stock.
* Visionstones of recent events.
* Firsthand accounts of everything that she's witnessed in full detail.
* Lessons she's learned and her opinions on the world.

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The Life of Kirth Gersen in Exile, Journal

Rock Out With Your Flock Out, by Shepherd

- Para


Panos generates an odor that would shock a Dwarf.
Panos asks, "here?"
Paramedic says, "let's go someplace quiet"
Panos is a Human, is male, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of Rising Claw.
He is holding an axe.
(pan metrio)
Panos has 14 good karma.
Paramedic says, "So, you probably know how Fishwrap interviews go."
Panos says, "have overheard some of your interviews"
Panos says, "shoot"
Paramedic says, "There will be 5 questions."
Paramedic asks, "1) Why are you so furry?"
Panos says, "my fur is the result of my disease from the human point of view"
Panos says, "but it is the natural state from the lyfelidae point of view"
Paramedic asks, "how did you get this disease?"
Panos says, "I went on a hunt into the interior of KI and was bitten by a Hunter's Lyfedae"
Paramedic asks, "Was it painful?"
Panos says, "painful, hmmmm"
Panos says, "well, falling is never pleasant"
Panos says, "but I did feel pain in my teeth and felt prickles all over"
Panos says, "and nausea"
Paramedic says, "interesting"
Panos says, "all these feelings were quite unique"
Panos says, "of course, I have fallen and been raised many times since being exiled"
Paramedic asks, "did you immediately become a Lyfelidae?"
Paramedic asks, "do you have to fall to contract the disease?"
Panos says, "yes one must fall _and_ be bitten to contract the disease"
Panos says, "you only become 'a beast' at sunset"
Paramedic says, "Ah, interesting"
Panos says, "and at sunrise you revert back into your normal state"
Paramedic asks, "does it weaken you any? make you stronger?"
Panos says, "Many have asked me that question"
Panos says, "I can only say that"
Panos says, "I have noticed no change"
Panos says, "of course, to really test for such a change"
Panos says, "one would have to go to the arena"
Panos says, "and run a series of tests"
Paramedic says, "ah yes..."
Panos says, "I have not done this"
Panos says, "but there is something else"
(Paramedic listens)
Panos says, "that this change has an effect on:"
Panos says, "your clothing"
Panos says, "Upon changing forms,"
Panos says, "especially from 'normal' to 'beastly'"
Panos says, "your clothing rips and tears"
Panos says, "in the beginning I did not notice"
Paramedic asks, "It ruins your clothes?"
Panos says, "then I saw my clothing just fall off my body"
Panos says, "after a few changes, yes"
Paramedic says, "How awful. Clothes are expensive"
Panos says, "so..."
Panos says, "if one is a 'clotheshorse'"
Panos says, "it can get expensive"
(Panos laughs)
Paramedic says, "Heh."


Paramedic asks, "2) Do people treat you differently now that you are a furry beast?"
Panos says, "yes"
Panos says, "all are curious"
(Paramedic listens)
Panos says, "some are frightened by my appearance"
Paramedic says, "some people fear what they do not understand"
Panos says, "yes it is a natural reaction"
Panos says, "some, especially the women, are attracted by my fur and want to stroke it"
Panos says, "also the sounds I make startle people"
Panos says, "and my fleas"
Paramedic asks, "When do you make those sounds?"
Panos says, "well, I haven't timed the intervals"
Panos says, "but some of the noises I make can be very unpleasant"
Paramedic asks, "so it just happens?"
Panos says, "for example, farting"
(Panos smiles)
Paramedic says, "oh my"
Panos says, "yes"
Panos says, "sad but true"
(Panos sobs quietly)
Panos says, "please continue"
Paramedic asks, "Has anyone threatened you?"
Panos says, "only in jest"
Paramedic says, "I see."
Panos says, "also many have practically begged me to tell them how they also can become like me"
Paramedic asks, "Ah, so people want to become one like you?"
Panos says, "yes some"
Panos says, "but I think they are very young"
Paramedic says, "hmm"
Panos says, "and don't realize the consequences"
Panos says, "there is also a vicious rumor going around"
Panos says, "that I can bite them and turn them into a beast"
Panos says, "very untrue"
Panos says, "people shouldn't shun me"
Paramedic asks, "So you cannot spread the disease yourself?"
Panos says, "no"
Panos becomes confused.


Paramedic asks, "3) What does your clan think of your transformation?"
Panos says, "ah you just saw another example"
Panos says, "of what happens to me"
Paramedic says, "confusion..."
Panos says, "I become very confused at times"
Panos says, "yes"
Panos says, "hmmm"
Panos says, "that is a tough question to answer"
Panos says, "the few clanmembers that I see"
(Paramedic listens)
Panos says, "have reacted with sympathy"
Paramedic says, "That's good to hear"
Panos says, "yes"
Panos says, "unfortunately my clan members and I are on different schedules"
Panos says, "most of them, that is"
Paramedic says, "Alas."
Panos says, "yes"
Panos says, "it's a shame"
(Panos smiles)
Paramedic says, "Fine people in RC"
Panos says, "nice of you to say so, thank you"
(Panos smiles)


Paramedic asks, "4) So what sort of future do you see for yourself as a furry beast?"
Panos says, "Well, I would rather cure myself of this condition"
Panos says, "prefer to call it a condition"
Paramedic asks, "How can you be cured?"
Panos says, "but to do so, I need to find the ingredients for the potion"
Paramedic asks, "Where is the potion available?"
Panos says, "and to further compound the misfortune"
Panos says, "these ingredients (catsbane, scramis egg, tuft of Lyfe fur) can only be found in the interior of Umbrion's Island"
Althea thinks, "malkor you didn't want to come tonight??"
Panos says, "this makes it very difficult for me"
Paramedic says, "very dangerous to go there"
Althea thinks, "whoops :)"
Panos says, "yes and I am only a third level fighter"
Paramedic thinks, "Can Malkor come out and play?"
(Panos smiles)
Paramedic asks, "Do you think you be getting the cure soon?"
Panos says, "have found a few who are willing to make the potion"
Panos says, "all depends on finding the ingredients (and the cost)"
Panos says, "the potion is called: luminescent"
Paramedic says, "Interesting"
Panos says, "some can make it -- given the ingredients"
Panos says, "I _know_ this is possible because some with my condition have been cured"
Paramedic asks, "So you see this condition as a temporary one?"
Panos says, "as temporary as getting the potion"
Panos says, "_if_ I must get the ingredients"
Panos says, "then it will take longer"
Panos says, "must build up my abilities"
Paramedic asks, "Are there any serious disadvantages to this condition other than the sounds you make sometimes?"
Panos says, "none that I have percieved"
Panos says, "barring the clothing"
Panos says, "and I don't fancy fancy clothes"
(Panos smiles)
Panos says, "pardon the pun"
Paramedic says, "I see."


Paramedic asks, "5) Do you think this is an evil 'brion brother plot, or a natural phenomenon?"
Panos says, "I'm sorry but I don't really understand your question"
Panos asks, "brion brother?"
Paramedic says, "Umbrion, Tenebrion and his brothers"
Panos says, "Ah"
Panos says, "Well, I must tell you that I have not paid much mind to all those things"
(Paramedic nods)
Panos says, "find them to be just another form of kaffeklatch"
(Panos smiles)
Paramedic says, "They seem to talk a lot"
Panos says, "well, it is the natural state for some"
Panos says, "wagging tongues
Panos says, "to me it's just babble"
Paramedic says, "I think you've really helped our readers understand your condition."
Panos says, "I hope so"
Panos says, "because I have noticed a few more with my condition in the land"
Paramedic says, "It does seem to be spreading, yes."
Panos says, "I would like to also take this opportunity to make a plea"
(Paramedic listens).
Panos says, "To all those who have been afflicted with this condition"
Panos says, "'Brothers and sisters, take off your cloaks! There is nothing to be ashamed of. Life as Lyfe is good.'"
Paramedic says, "I admire that sentiment"


Top 10 things PMF stands for:

10. "People Mighty Furry!"
9. Provide My Flounder
8. Push Malkor Forward
7. "Ping, My Foot!"
6. "Paramedic Might Fall!"
5. "Pull Monolith, Felicity"
4. Pogue Mahone and Friends
3. Puddleby's Mystics Fail
2. "Push the Mystic into the Fire"
1. Pretty Much Fishy


The Garkazian Order and Sir Goric invites everyone to contribute to
the 1st "Life in Exile" Art contest. There are several categories to
choose from. Prizes include display in the Puddleby Art Museum!!

See Contest scrolls for details.

Sir Goric for the Gakazian order


The Dun'ilsar scrolls are (finally) back up and updated at:

Hopefully, they will stay in one place for many moons now. For trivia's
sake, I added the contest numbers back. There have been 72 total challenges
in the history of Dun'ilsar. Rising Claw is at the top of the mountain
forest currently.

Keeper of the Dun'ilsar Scrolls


Jeanne asks, "Why don't you tell me your story?"

(WorldWalker pulls back his hood to reveal the face of a race you have never seen before)
WorldWalker says, "As you can see, I am not one of the usual races one sees here in Puddleby"
WorldWalker says, "WorldWalker is actually not my name."
WorldWalker says, "It is my race."
WorldWalker says, "My true name would be unpronounceable to you."
WorldWalker says, "But since there are no others of my race here, it is fine that people call me by my race"
WorldWalker says, "since there are none here to confuse me with"
WorldWalker says, "My true name sounds like this:"
(WorldWalker makes a noise that sounds like a cross between the song of a whale and the chirp of a cricket)
WorldWalker says, "You see why I do not ask Puddleby's residents to pronounce that."

Jeanne says, "I wonder how your race pronounces the word for grass."

(WorldWalker laughs.)
WorldWalker says, "It is not unlike the sound of a songbird."
WorldWalker says, "Like this:"
(WorldWalker makes a whistling sound, punctuated by clicks.)
WorldWalker says, "It means, "plant life that grows close to the ground, covering it like a carpet"

WorldWalker says, "As for my race,"
WorldWalker says, "we are not of this plane of existance."
WorldWalker says, "Residents of Puddleby should no doubt be familiar with the concept of other planes of existence."
WorldWalker says, "Which is why I am comfortable sharing that information now"
WorldWalker says, "In the year I have been here, I have learned that many exiles travel the planes"
WorldWalker says, "such as Purgatory, or the Ethereal Plane."
WorldWalker says, "But there are more planes than just these."
WorldWalker says, "There are as many planes of existence as there are grains of sand on all of the beaches of these islands"
WorldWalker says, "It is the custom of my people to travel these planes."
WorldWalker says, "I came to your world a number of years ago, to observe and explore."
WorldWalker says, "I spent many months on Shan Deral, experiencing life there."
WorldWalker says, "But when it came time for me to return to my realm and share what I had learned with my people, I found myself trapped."
WorldWalker says, "I do not know why."
WorldWalker says, "That is why I am now going public"
WorldWalker says, "with the hopes that someone who reads Fishwrap may have a clue as to the reason I am blocked from leaving"
WorldWalker says, "I spent years trapped on Shan Deral, trying to find out why I could not return home"
WorldWalker says, "to no avail"
WorldWalker says, "I also tried to keep myself hidden, so the forces of the Emperor would not discover me"
WorldWalker says, "But eventually I was exposed, and exiled here"
WorldWalker says, "So I truly am an exile among exiles"
WorldWalker says, "There are no others of my kind here"
WorldWalker says, "And though I have made many friends"
WorldWalker says, "I still wish to return home"
WorldWalker says, "That is my story, essentially."

Jeanne asks, "In your letter to me, you mentioned not picking a profession. Why is that important?"

WorldWalker says, "Partially, it is simply because I was hoping I could leave"
WorldWalker says, "to make a committment to a profession"
WorldWalker says, "would mean I planned on staying"
WorldWalker says, "Of course,"
WorldWalker says, "I may have no say in the matter"
WorldWalker says, "But I keep trying"
WorldWalker says, "I do not know if there are any who can help me"
WorldWalker says, "and it is possible that I may live out my remaining years here"
WorldWalker says, "But I think it is understandable why I am attempting to leave."

Jeanne asks, "At what point will you resign to being a permanent exile here or will you never give up?"

WorldWalker says, "That is a difficult question to answer"
WorldWalker says, "and my answer depends on what day it is, and how I feel that day"
WorldWalker says, "Some days I despair of ever finding a way home"
WorldWalker says, "Other days, I am determined to find a way"

Jeanne asks, "Your site doesn't have a self-portrait. Will you put one up?"

WorldWalker says, "I am not an artist"
WorldWalker says, "But perhaps there is one in the lands who would be interested in doing one of me."
WorldWalker says, "You can describe what you see:"
WorldWalker says, "My face is not unlike the faces of Sylvans, or Humans, or Dwarves"
WorldWalker says, "or Halflings"
WorldWalker says, "My skin is dark, and rough, though"
WorldWalker says, "brown"
WorldWalker says, "My stature is not tall compared to some exiles"
WorldWalker says, "wearing my cloak, I can be mistaken for a Halfling or Dwarf"
WorldWalker says, "My voice has an almost musical quality to it, when I speak your language."
WorldWalker says, "I have 4 fingers and a thumb, as you do"
WorldWalker says, "I am completely bald"
WorldWalker says, "and my ears are simply small holes on the sides of my head"
WorldWalker says, "My eyes are dark and large"
WorldWalker asks, "Does that description help?"

Jeanne says, "Immensely"

WorldWalker says, "When I am stronger"
WorldWalker says, "I will seek out the wizards of these islands"
WorldWalker says, "Tenebrion especially"
WorldWalker says, "and ask him about my plight"

Jeanne says, "They are tricky folks."

WorldWalker says, "true"
WorldWalker says, "But he is interested in interplanar travel"
WorldWalker says, "and perhaps has insight that will help me"
WorldWalker says, "find an answer to my dilemma"
WorldWalker asks, "why can't I leave?"
WorldWalker says, "All members of my race have the ability to walk between worlds"
WorldWalker says, "and my people have only to reach out with their minds"
WorldWalker says, "to part those curtains"
WorldWalker says, "and walk from one world to another"
WorldWalker says, "hence our name"
WorldWalker says, "But when I try to do that"
WorldWalker says, "it is like my mind comes up against not a curtain"
WorldWalker says, "but a stone wall"
WorldWalker says, "I cannot part it"
WorldWalker says, "the only one I can part is the one that leads to purgatory"
WorldWalker says, "and that one only when I am fallen"
WorldWalker says, "But I cannot begin to describe the feeling I get when I try to part the curtains in this world"
WorldWalker says, "the closest I could describe it"
WorldWalker says, "is like taking a the softest, most vulnerable part of yourself"
WorldWalker says, "and rubbing it against a rough rock wall"
WorldWalker says, "normally, the curtains between planes are like silk"
WorldWalker says, "but not here"
WorldWalker says, "that is my dilemma"
WorldWalker says, "Normally we do not reveal ourselves to the inhabitants of the planes we visit"
WorldWalker says, "unless we see they will understand what and who we are"
WorldWalker says, "when we are in trouble, we simply part the curtain and slip back into our own world"
WorldWalker says, "it is how we survive in our explorations"

WorldWalker has a scroll at

If you'd like to draw a picture of WorldWalker for his web site, please contact him at:

or his Puddleby box at 1900. Also, contact WorldWalker if you have any information on how he can find his way home again.


This group is for the purpose of tracking Ethereal fluctuations on the island of Puddleby and the Lok'Grotton Islands in general.


The following is an edited transcript of a conversation between several exiles and the catapult builder, Katpus, who is now making a home in the safe cave outside of the northeastern foothills. This conversation occured 8 Winter 541 [10 Nov 2001]. More details about the Foothills expedition are in my journal, including sketches and links, at

I have set apart with a line break and *** the comments made by Katpus and organized his responses in a more logical manner for easier understanding. Apologies to exiles whose comments were edited out. I tried to boil this down to the essentials, leaving out nothing said by Katpus while omitting several repeated questions and comments by exiles. I also tried to preserve the gist of exile reaction to some of Katpus' more interesting news.

To read the transcript of this conversation, please access this scroll:


Perkusi asks, "where's your brother, Umbrion?"
Umbrion says, "I was going to ask you the same thing."
Norm says, "he's missing"
Kodo says, "Congrats on the ledger, Norm"
Trowa says, "heh"
Norm says, "thanks Kodo"
Perkusi asks, "missing? how long?"
Perkusi asks, "How long's he been gone, Umbrion?"
Asmodean says, "heh"
Norm says, "he was making fun of me"
Perkusi says, "try the conference room"
Kodo asks, "Do you not know where your brother has gone?"
Tater says, "aw"
Norm ponders, "my feelings are hurt"
Tater says, "aw"
Perkusi says, "awww"
Trowa asks, "heh that's yer power, Umbrion?"
Perkusi ponders, "hope he doesn't burn the place down!"
Natas says, "yo"
Perkusi says, "Trowa, any dolt can make a fire, silly."
Umbrion asks, "Trowa, want a cracker?"
Trowa says, "Perkusi, you didn't see his confrence room, he likes things hot, heh"
(Tater stands back)
Trowa asks, "go any brownies?"
Trowa asks, "got any brownies?"
Perkusi says, "yeah, but this place doesn't have the fire protection that one does, I bet"
Trowa says, "True, his was stone floor"
Perkusi asks, "so Umbrion.... how long's Teeny... I mean Tenebrion been missing?"
Umbrion asks, "Who says he is missing?"
Perkusi says, "Norm said it."
(Umbrion looks at Norm.)
Trowa says, "make him come out then"
Norm says, "you said you were looking for him"
Norm says, "I haven't seen him"
Norm says, "and I was lying there a while"
Trowa says, "I prolly went to Lugu's isle or something"
Umbrion says, "I can no more make my brother appear than I can make you say anything intelligent, Trowa."
(Azael laughs)
(Perkusi covers her mouth and snickers.)
Trowa says, "well look who's tlking"
Perkusi asks, "well... so why are you looking for him?"
Tater asks, "Why are you looking for him, Umbrion?"
Trowa ponders, "dang spelling"
Umbrion says, "He missed an appointment, if you must know."
Norm asks, "can't you just sunstone him?"
Trowa says, "heh"
Trowa asks, "you his dentist?"
Tater asks, "An appointment for what?"
Umbrion says, "He must have left his sunstone in his other dashing black suit."
Norm asks, "no answer when you try, huh?"
Trowa ponders, "lol"
Azael ponders, "hmmm"
Norm says, "perhaps he's deep in his studies in his library"
Umbrion says, "I'm sure he is simply engrossed in some experiment or other."
Perkusi asks, "tried talking to your other brothers to see if he's visiting yet?"
Norm asks, "he does have a library, doesn't he?"
Umbrion says, "We have many books. Many libraries."
Tater says, "I've never seen yours."
Perkusi says, "um... I've seen it. Aldernon was there."
Natas says, "ive seen Umbrion's but never Tenebrion's"
Perkusi ponders, "good thing we got him home. Creepy."
Tater says, "I wasn't able to go help rescue him."
Umbrion asks, "How is my friend, the sylvan?"
Perkusi exclaims, "He's just fine. Happy and all that!"
(Umbrion looks dubious.)
Perkusi says, "has to keep warm a lot, though."
Trowa says, "*cough* Perkusi, up Aldernon's dosage"
(Perkusi glares at Trowa)
Trowa says, "I was joking"
Umbrion asks, "Have any of you brought me a stone stolen from the orga?"
Perkusi says, "nope, sorry. I haven't ever had my hands on one of them."
Norm says, "I'm afraid we're all out"
Norm says, "need a mystic to get them"
Trowa says, "yah"
Tater asks, "I don't think our last raid was successful, was it?"
Perkusi asks, "why would we want to give you one again?"
Norm says, "I heard it wasn't"
Tater says, "And I'm not sure it was intended for you, either."
Asmodean ponders, "I thought the deal for the strange stone was with Tenebrion.."
Umbrion says, "Because it is in everyone's best interest, Perkusi."
Tater says, "We have other uses for them as well."
Perkusi asks, "really? explain how that is?"
Umbrion says, "do you, Tater? Please explain."
Perkusi asks, "I mean, I'm just a Zo, so go slow, small words and such. How would that be in my best interest?"
Tater says, "I don't know a lot, but we may be able to teleport groups with them."
Tater says, "That sounds useful to us."
Tater says, "Well, to me, anyway."
Perkusi asks, "well, sounds pretty useful yeah. Thing is, is this something you brothers should have in your hands?"
Umbrion says, "And we offer interplanar travel without risk to the ethereal boundaries."
Norm says, "speaking of etheral boundaries..."
Natas asks, "how many stones have you received so far?"
Azael ponders, "they solved the ether leaking problem?"
(Umbrion looks sadly at the dying flames.)
Norm says, "what's up with those amulets"
Norm says, "they seem to give wildly different readings all the time"
Trowa says, "I got 2 wood, Umbrion"
Tater says, "They're kind of flimsy too."
Natas asks, "and how many more stones do you expect in order to open the portal?"
Umbrion asks, "Don't you need that wood to keep your ears apart, Trowa?"
(Asmodean snickers)
Norm ponders, "nyuck nyuck"
Trowa says, "heh no I was gonna donate it when I got to Puddleby"
Asmodean ponders, "to science?"
Tater thinks to you, "ok, that was funny."
Perkusi says, "so anyway, enough about Trowa's wood.... *cough*"
(Azael chuckles.)
Umbrion says, "Six stones, Natas."
Perkusi asks, "you need six, or you've gotten six?"
Umbrion says, "We require six."
Natas says, "heh what Perkusi said"
Tater asks, "How many have you received?"
Perkusi asks, "Six more. how many do you have now?"
Natas asks, "and you have received none?"
Umbrion says, "To my knowledge, none."
Trowa says, "I thought we gave Tenebrion a ton"
Perkusi asks, "hm. How do you know how many you need? books tell you that?"
Natas ponders, "I remember when it was supposed to be 50"
Asmodean says, "strange stones not ore"
Norm says, "it was a compromise, Perkusi"
Norm says, "they wanted more at first"
Umbrion says, "Experimentation and experience, Perkusi. And intuition."
Norm says, "these are the FMOCR stones, from the power room"
Perkusi says, "alrighty"
(Perkusi nods)
Norm ponders, "sometimes called the "powder room""
Perkusi says, "well, I'm just wondering what you'll use em for"
(Umbrion blows on his hands.)
Umbrion says, "And I have told you."
Asmodean ponders, "interplanar teleportation?"
Perkusi says, "oh, sorry. Haven't told me. I don't get to read much these days. Two kids and all that."
Norm ponders, "three if you count Kodo"
(Trowa laughs)
Perkusi exclaims, "I figger someone's written about it somewhere, but finding time to hunt that down is not easy!"
Natas says, "from what i understand he will open a 2 way portal to the etheral plane"
Perkusi says, "I see"
Umbrion says, "Natas is correct."
Perkusi exclaims, "and we just have to take his word on that?!"
Trowa says, "those slugs are great experience"
Perkusi asks, "what sign of good faith did we get, if any?"
Tater says, "I wonder if this will be a permanent portal, or he'll continuously require stones from us."
Asmodean asks, "denizens of the Ethereal Plane will be able to freely enter Puddleby?"
Perkusi says, "I mean, sorry Umbrion, but I'm not really used to dealing with folks who stand behind large barriers to talk to me."
Umbrion asks, "When have I -- or my brothers -- failed to meet our end of a bargain?"
(Trowa shrugs)
Perkusi says, "beats me. Most of your bargains aren't talked about generally in town."
Umbrion exclaims, "Good faith, indeed!"
Norm asks, "are you getting any good readings from the ethereal amulets, umbrion?"
Trowa says, "Uumbrion, are you the reason why albino mahas are so rare? all your scholars and empty bodies have them"
Umbrion says, "I was under the impression that some of your people were undertaking that task."
(Tater nods)
Norm asks, "yeah, have you seen the results?"
Perkusi says, "I think there are people using them to take readings."
Norm says, "yep"
Umbrion says, "I have been shown a few books of notes."
Perkusi says, "dunno what they're doing with them though."
Norm says, "they are highly variable readings"
Norm says, "they are making a map, but it's slow work"
Perkusi asks, "oh yeah, something weird around noids, right?"
Umbrion says, "Fluctuation is natural, Norm. It is the areas of extreme highs and lows that are of interest."
Tater says, "Neige was even taking readings in the Foothills."
(Umbrion shivers a little.)
Tater asks, "Do you require readings from that far away?"
Perkusi says, "ah, okie. I'll try to make sure to tell Babajaga that, Umbrion. She's got a nice place for us to read about stuff, I think."
Norm asks, "so an occasional high reading is of no interest, but a lot of extreme readings indicates something going on?"
Umbrion says, "If the reader is skilled, Norm."
Norm says, "there are a few skilled mystics now"
Umbrion says, "Tater, distance is not always a meaningful notion."
(Asmodean chuckles)
(Perkusi waves her cad in Asmodean's direction)
Perkusi asks, "so is ether leaking out too much? Is that the problem?"
Norm asks, "once we identify extreme ether locations, what happens then?"
Perkusi asks, "better yet, is there a problem to speak of at all?"
Norm asks, "plug the holes with ducktape?"
Umbrion says, "We will study the results, and learn the extent of the damage you have caused, Norm."
Tater ponders, "Ducktape fixes anything!"
Norm ponders, "quack!"
Perkusi asks, "how have we caused damage?"
Tater asks, "Us?"
Norm says, "er, the 'brions say all our departing from ep caused the problem"
Trowa ponders, "metal ducktape fixes ether up good!"
Umbrion says, "By travelling between the planes in an -- ungainly -- manner."
Perkusi says, "can you explain how that manner is "ungainly?""
Norm ponders, "note to self: depart gracefully next time"
Tater says, "I know you say that, but we didn't have problems till you guys showed up on the scene."
Perkusi says, "I mean, it's always been something we do when we lose hope."
(Azael chuckles.)
(Trowa chuckles.)
Umbrion says, "You have chopped through walls, rather than find a door you could pass through."
Norm says, "that's the idea behind the portal, to be a nice safe door"
Umbrion says, "We "showed up" because of the problems you caused."
Perkusi says, "hm... Tater has a point, Umbrion. Wasn't a problem until we were able to see Tenebrion's place here."
Umbrion asks, "And what does that tell you, Perkusi?"
Tater says, "Then all of a sudden, I'm falling to ether clouds in town center."
Perkusi asks, "now wait a minute. are you saying all of those departing times were a problem?"
Norm says, "we couldn't get to the Ethereal Plane until we met Tenebrion"
Umbrion says, "If it was done from the ether, Perkusi."
Trowa ponders, "Soulmaster did most of it with his 567 departs then"
Norm asks, "so is damage done to the ether any time we depart, even if not from ep?"
Perkusi asks, "were we able to get to the Ethereal Plane before we found Tenebrion's little basement of goodies?"
Umbrion says, "That I do not know, Norm."
Natas says, "if that's the case I've done a big chunk of damage"
Norm says, "we departed quite a bit without seeing ether clouds"
Trowa says, "me too"
Norm says, "back before the war and all"
Norm says, "i still think you have a chicken and egg problem there umbrion"
Azael ponders, "Even after the war."
Umbrion says, "My conference room is so much cozier than this."
Perkusi says, "your conference room requires a bit more than a few exiles to reach."
Trowa ponders, "and all the Agratis people depart tons of times - can't be good if that's the case"
Natas says, "let's set fire to it so Umbrion can fell more at home"
Trowa asks, "anyone other then Umbrion got a tinder box?"
Umbrion says, "Tempting, Natas. But I fear my brother would object."
Natas asks, "ya think?"
Perkusi says, "you could just burn the desk."
(Norm twirls his axe.)
Umbrion says, "You're a quiet group. Such a nice change."
(Perkusi grins.)
Perkusi says, "I imagine so."
(Tater thinks)
Norm says, "I still want to know what is going to happen once you identify an ether hotspot"
Perkusi says, "I really just wanna know what the deal with the ether is, and why we should be worried about it."
Tater ponders, "that's a good question!"
(Trowa starts to yell but pauses remeber Umbrion's flame which didn't even get him to green)
Umbrion asks, "Perkusi, would you worry about a tiny leak in a dike?"
Perkusi says, "guess I would."
Trowa ponders, "yes"
Norm says, "the worry is all ether clouds all the time"
Tater says, "Because if you don't stick your finger in it, it gets bigger and bigger."
Umbrion says, "This is little different"
Natas says, "there is no point in worrying"
Perkusi asks, "thing is, what is the ether, really? What is going to happen if it leaks out?"
Natas says, "either do something 'bout it or not"
Asmodean shows his small crystal shard to everyone.
Umbrion says, "If it pours forth, full force, into this plane, the devastation would be absolute."
Perkusi says, "um..."
Tater asks, "What do you think it would be like?"
(Azael hums.)
Tater asks, "Millions of those clouds?"
Norm says, "all ether clouds all the time"
Trowa says, "sorta like a big worldwide flood, only it radioactive"
Umbrion says, "My brother is the expert on what death is like, Tater."
Tater says, "oh..."
Azriel says, "G'day sir"
Tater ponders, "death"
Tater says, "Hi Azriel."
(Umbrion nods to Azriel.)
Perkusi says, "Hi Az"
Natas says, "yo"
(Azael waves to Perkusi)
Perkusi says, "not you Az, the other Az! :P"
Trowa ponders, "expert eh? well, let's see"
Azael ponders, "Oh hmm"
Norm says, "Well, thanks for the rescue everybody"
Umbrion says, "Well, I think I shall be going..."
Azriel says, "I seem to feel your brother Tenebrion's attention upon me this day"
Trowa ponders, "the only way is if Umbrion killed him"
Tater says, "I need to as well."
Norm says, "bye Umbrion"
Azael ponders, "One too much Az here"
Umbrion says, "But you've all been so courteous today..."
Perkusi asks, "so why is the ether under your domain?"
Norm says, "hard to believe, polite exiles"
Natas says, "even Trowa"
Asmodean says, "take care, Um"
(Trowa chuckles)
Umbrion asks, "Would one of you like an amulet?"
Natas exclaims, "me me me!"
Trowa says, "me"
Asmodean says, "hehe"
Norm asks, "with cheese?"
(Tater giggles)
Perkusi says, "I have a mystic friend in my clan who might like it"
Trowa says, "give it to Perkusi"
Norm says, "I like western amulets with cheese"
Asmodean says, "lol"
Perkusi says, "He might be able to do something useful with it."
Umbrion says, "Decide amongst yourselves. Otherwise, Natas asked first."
Norm says, "I think you need a mystic to run it, natas"
Natas says, "no that's ok Perkusi can have it"
Trowa says, "all for Perkusi say aye""
Tater says, "Yes, sure."
Norm says, "ok, Perkusi it is"
Azriel asks, "why, they ruin them as fast as any of us wuld?"
Trowa says, "aye"
Asmodean asks, "do you need to have a keen mind to use an amulet?"
Umbrion says, "Of course, if you had something of real value, I might part with this..."
Umbrion shows his ethereal portal stone to everyone.
Norm exclaims, "heh!"
Trowa exclaims, "I got wheat!"
Perkusi says, "I have a few instrument parts, that's about it."
Natas shows his powdery white rock to everyone.
Trowa says, "umm an orga eye, ss, ore"
Norm says, "you need a trained mystic to use the amulet"
Azriel says, "I have brambleberries"
Azriel says, "heh"
Trowa says, "wood"
Asmodean says, "ah"
Trowa says, "candy"
Natas shows his orga drum to Umbrion.
Asmodean asks, "'Full' Mystic?"
Kodo thinks, "town it is"
Tater says, "I have an Uli flower."
Umbrion says, "I guess all you get is an amulet..."
Perkusi says, "but really, I'd rather just give the amulet to someone who can use it."
Norm says, "I'm not sure"
Natas ponders, "I have nothin' he wants"
Umbrion says, "then do so, Perkusi."
Perkusi says, "alrighty"
Tater says, "They kinda help with those closer to death when combined with a spore ;)"
Trowa exclaims, "we'll trade Norm for the stone!"
Norm says, "but they need to be trained by that person in Umbrion's keep"
Asmodean says, "ah"
Norm says, "hey, I'm not worth that much"
Umbrion says, "approach"
Trowa says, "bah"
Trowa says, "Tater's lighter"
Norm says, "Tater is much more valuable"
Tater says, "Go away from me."
(Perkusi nods.)
Perkusi says, "Alright."
Umbrion says, "Good day."
Perkusi ponders, "weird......"
Trowa says, "hehe"
(Asmodean waves)
Norm says, "well, that was interesting"
Tater says, "I should go help Cyber."
Azriel asks, "who left the back door open?"
Perkusi says, "time to get to the library and write some stuff down"
Perkusi says, "Cyber's in town and up"
Umbrion is no longer Clanning.


I came out of the library on what I expected to be a slow evening just around midnight on Merdi the 29th summer, when I was greeted by the sight of exiles dancing and chanting in the middle of town. Merlisk and Wangah Rah were performing some kind of ritual and screaming for Wendies to be brought to town. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a rock whizzed by my head just missing me, but felling a poor exile to my right.

Five Angry Mother Sasquatches ran through town bashing exiles with their maternal fists and heaving rocks at those who tried to run away. The carnage was incredible. In a few brief seconds almost all of the town was lying at the mercy of these Angry Mothers. I spent most of the time fallen in the temple with quite a few other exiles as a hasty battle was fought. The Angry Mothers were dispatched after much hoo-haa and I took the short breather from the excitement to talk to the two summoners about their mojo in town.

Hellpop asks, "So guys.... what happened?"
(Wangah Rah looks to Merlisk)
Merlisk says, "Well..."
(Koric listens.)
(Merlisk looks down in shame)
Wangah Rah hides his magic stick)
Merlisk says, "I was, uh, bored"
(Koric is looking for a brief summary for his journal.)
Wangah Rah says, "Me too"
Merlisk says, "So, I asked Wangah Rah to help me with a spell"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "A little spell!"
(Merlisk nods)
Merlisk says, "First, I wanted Darshak"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "They came!"
Merlisk says, "but others convinced me that wendies had more fur"
Hellpop asks, "The Darshak came first?"
Merlisk says, "So, I, uh, we, uh...cast it"
Merlisk says, "aye...2 Darshak"
Wangah Rah says, "Nothing happened the first time though"
(Hellpop nods)
Merlisk says, "Usin' Breeze's hair"
Wangah Rah says, "Until you realized we needed a virgin"
(Merlisk nods)
Koric asks, "How did you gain the ability to cast this spell?"
Merlisk says, "Well, ... I rather not say"
Koric asks, "What gave you the idea you could even pull off such a summoning?"
Hellpop asks, "And what made you realize you needed a virgin?"
(Wangah Rah looks uncomfortable)
Merlisk says, "Again, I rather not say"
Koric says, "oooooookay"
Merlisk exclaims, "I don't want this to ever happen again!"
(Wangah Rah nods)
Wangah Rah asks, "But after the Darshak, whose hair did we use?"
Merlisk says, "So, anyway..."
Merlisk says, "Audyo's I think"
Koric says, "Ok, well, I guess that's about all I can use then."
Wangah Rah says, "Yeah...we got a feral"
Merlisk says, "But, well, he didn't turn out to be a virgin either"
Wangah Rah ponders, "Liars mess up our spells"
Hellpop asks, "I thought it was Tarfette?"
Merlisk says, "So, Tarfette volunteered her hair"
Hellpop says, "I see."
(Wangah Rah grimaces)
Merlisk exclaims, "she said she was!"
(Merlisk hangs his head in shame)
Wangah Rah says, "She said just caused she didn't look like one...."
Merlisk says, "So, I used it"
Merlisk exclaims, "and...5 Angry Mother Sasquatches showed up!"
(Merlisk weeps)
Wangah Rah exclaims, "We didn't mean for Angry Mother Sasquatch!"
Koric says, "Some kinda spell required a virgin's hair, you used Tarfette's, tried to summon Wendies..."
Koric asks, "And then 5 Angry Mother Sasquatches showed up?"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "It was supposed to be wendies!"
(Merlisk nods)
Merlisk exclaims, "aye!"
Hellpop says, "So there was the virgin hair and I saw some dancing"
Merlisk exclaims, "Wendies!"
Merlisk says, "Chantin', dancin', and boostin'"
Wangah Rah says, "Then we burned the hair with herbs"
Koric says, "Gotta sleep now, though."
(Koric smiles and waves.)
Merlisk says, "ssh, Wangah Rah"
(Wangah Rah waves)
(Merlisk gasps!)
Merlisk exclaims, "ssh, Wangah Rah!"
Merlisk says, "Don't put that in, Hellpop"
Hellpop says, "Oh, of course not."
Wangah Rah exclaims, "I mean we pretended too!"
Hellpop says, "heh"
Wangah Rah asks, "Is this being recorded?"
Merlisk says, "yeah, that's it"
(Wangah Rah checks Hellpop over)
Hellpop asks, "So the dancing was the mojo that tipped it over?"
Wangah Rah says, "Hmm"
Merlisk says, "Hmmm..."
Merlisk says, "He looks clean"
Wangah Rah says, "OK"
Wangah Rah says, "We'll continue talking."
Merlisk says, "Aye, the dancin' did it"
Wangah Rah says, "It was like this"
Merlisk says, "And, well, maybe the prayer to Gaia"
(Wangah Rah chants and dances)
Hellpop says, "Ohhhhh..."
Hellpop says, "most impressive"
(Merlisk won't do his)
Wangah Rah says, "Merlisk's is secret"
Merlisk exclaims, "Enough trouble has been caused!"
Hellpop asks, "So what are your feelings about this show of power?"
Merlisk says, "Shame"
Wangah Rah says, "I'm just his lackey"
Wangah Rah says, "Yeah, I feel really bad"
(Merlisk puts his face in his hands)
Merlisk exclaims, "I'll never, ever do it again!"
(Merlisk promises)
(Wangah Rah cries)
(Hellpop pats Merlisk on the back)
(Merlisk sees Wangah Rah and starts to weep too)
(Merlisk sniffs)
Merlisk says, "thanks"
Hellpop says, "There, there..."
(Wangah Rah sniffs)
Hellpop asks, "So... Is this the first time you have tried a summoning?"
Wangah Rah says, "My first time."
Wangah Rah says, "Well, I watched someone once."
Hellpop asks, "Who was that?"
Wangah Rah asks, "So I guess that makes me an expert, right?"
Merlisk says, "Well, I'm afraid it's my second"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "Shh I can't tell!"
Hellpop asks, "Really?"
Hellpop asks, "What did you summon before Merlisk?"
(Merlisk considers)
Merlisk says, "Well, not much"
Merlisk says, "I just got smoke and a few flames"
(Hellpop nods)
Merlisk ponders, "Auntie would be proud of me!"
(Wangah Rah grins)
Wangah Rah says, "Oh"
Hellpop asks, "So this is the end of the Merlisk/Wangah mojo?"
Merlisk exclaims, "aye!"
Merlisk exclaims, "no more!"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "Ever!"
(Merlisk promises)
Wangah Rah ponders, "Well, maybe once more"
Merlisk ponders, "until next week"
Hellpop says, "Ok."
Wangah Rah ponders, "2 times next week"
Hellpop says, "Thanks very much for the Fishwrap interview"
(Merlisk looks sincere)
Merlisk says, "thank you"
(Wangah Rah cries again)
Hellpop asks, "Anything you want to say to the readers?"
Merlisk says, "Please tell everyone that we're very, very sorry"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "I'd like to say, share your local mystic!"
Hellpop says, "After this they just might."
Merlisk says, "And we promise no more monkey business"
Wangah Rah exclaims, "No more monkey business!"
Wangah Rah ponders, "Perhaps...kittie business?"
Merlisk exclaims, "No more monkey business!"
Hellpop says, "Thanks."
Merlisk says, "thank you"
Wangah Rah says, "Tanki"
(Merlisk waves)


Just to let you know:

I have mapped the (ever-expanding) Puddleby Underground.

The maps can be found at:



1) From MrFancyPants, as dictated by Jo Ma'ril.


Here's my account of the events surrounding the burning of the Nox Sorora Chapterhouse.

Awhile back, I found a odd, crumbly black rock on Devil's Island. After finding it, I went to town and showed it around, to see if anyone knew what to do with it. I was approached by a member of clan Hunter, who told me that their clan was gathering the stones, in the hopes of finding what they do. I agreed to help with their research, but not to give them my stone, as I didn't want them to make any decisions that might harm anyone.

Time went by, we tried many different things with the stones, but nothing seemed to have any affect. We were approached by a woman named Agrath, and a woman named Lacrima about the stones. They both claimed the rocks could be used in an enchantment to stop a great evil. Since I generally dislike evil, this sounded like something I'd be interested in! Agrath seemed more...friendly, though, and so I agreed to meet with her at a later date.

Several members of Hunter, I, and various others who were nearby gathered in Bumgal's hut to hear what these stones could do. Agrath claimed the stones had the power to weaken the followers of the Night, in particular the Nox Sorora. Moreover, she claimed that the stones had no other purpose than this. I, however, didn't think this was true - I thought there might be another use for them, and wanted to do more research. However, she did make me suspicious about the Nox Sorora. Why did they need a chapterhouse in town? It made me wonder...Agrath said she didn't know how to use the stones herself, but she had a friend who did, and would take him to us. Upon further questioning, it was revealed that we didn't actually have to use the enchantment against the Nox. After the enchantment was made, it would be given to us, and the final decision on wether to use it or not would come from us. Because of this I felt that I would be able to discover the uses of the stones, and not harm anyone unless they deserved it. But did the Nox deserve to lose their chapterhouse? I had to find out on my own.

So a few days later, I questioned some friends of mine who are in the Nox, about their chapterhouse, their beliefs, etc. Much to my chagrin, they were very secretive about the affair, and I felt they were hiding something important from me. Because of this, I agreed to go along with Hunter and Agrath and use the stones, but not to use the enchantment without careful thought.

A few days ago, the scheduled meeting took place. A small escort of mostly Hunter followed Agrath to Ash Island. We entered the campfire, and slipped through a hidden passage into a section of the outpost we had never seen before. Agrath told the escort to wait outside, while D'Noma, Rel'lim and I entered a hut where the fellow we were meeting was waiting.

To our shock, he was a Darshak priest! Rel'lim and I almost struck him down on the spot, but D'Noma and Agrath stopped us before we acted rashly. There was much debate, we weren't sure wether to trust the Darshak or not. However, we felt that nothing potentially bad would happen unless we used the enchantment against the Nox. In fact, the Darshak fellow seemed nervous when I asked him if the enchantment could be used against the Darshak. I sensed a great opportunity to strike at the Darshak here, and decided to hand over my stones, as did Rel'lim.

The Darshak fellow performed some Alchemy, and handed D'Noma a flask. He said to pull the string and run near the chapterhouse, and it would do its job. We headed back to town and started discussing whether or not to use it. At this point I decided it was time to hear the Nox's view as well, and I strolled over to their chapterhouse, sat down, and asked them some questions.

In the midst of my asking, Polgara, whom I haven't seen since long before the Ripture War, ran up out of nowhere and dropped a flask just like ours next to the chapterhouse and ran. It promptly exploded and the chapterhouse burned to the ground, while Nox members threw themselves upon it trying to put out the flames. Rel'lim came running as soon as he heard the news, and showed me the Flask was indeed still in his hands, he had not used it nor given it to Polgara. This leads me to one of two conclusions: either Agrath had a deal with another party (Polgara's party), or there was enough mixture left after our flask was made for a second flask, and Agrath gave that to Polgara.

It seems the Darshak tricked me, and I am very sorry for the sorrow it has caused. My intentions were not to harm your chapterhouse, as you can see, but only to find a weapon that could be used against Puddleby's enemies.

-MrFancyPants, as dictated by Jo Ma'ril.

2) From Arod of Clan Hunter:

Hunter Clan and the Nox Chapterhouse's Destruction

Some months ago Clan Hunter was approached by an exile who warned of dire things that would happen if the Nox Chapterhouse was completed. Over the last several months some members of Hunter have worked hard on a project suggested by this stranger. Just the other day, the Nox Chapterhouse under construction in the northeast corner of Puddleby was destroyed at the very moment we Hunters discussed whether to do that very thing.

I speak here for myself, and my views may not concur with those of my clanmates.

First, I will always fight against the dark powers that are behind the foul undine, the walking dead and the spirits of the dead given form that have troubled us and the Empire back home for years beyond number. Unfortunately, Nox Sorora dabbles with these powers: I therefore stand against them. It is also true that many in Nox know little or nothing of the Nox's involvement with these dark powers, and to these fine folks I say: think carefully of what your fellow Sororans do when it comes to the undine, an implacable enemy of the living. If you do not agree that the undine are evil and must be fought with all our strength, then you will naturally not agree with anything else I say. So be it. Please note I have taken the time to learn what the Nox say about themselves, and I trust the evidence of my own eyes as well.

Second, when the stranger approached us, we Hunters were extremely skeptical. We viewed the claims the stranger made with suspicion, and pursued the quest offered by the stranger with a great deal of caution. On a recent night [10/11/01], the quest was completed, and the stranger bid us to take the next step. This we did; I for one freely admit it, for as I have mentioned I stand firmly against the dark powers that are involved with the undine.

Third, it became clear to me (and this is a matter of conjecture) that as the plan came together, and no trickery was revealed, that we indeed had a weapon that would destroy the chapterhouse. It became equally clear that the Darshak Sage who made this weapon wanted the chapterhouse destroyed for his and the Darshak's own reasons, and that we were being recruited to aid them. As the enemy of one's enemy is not always your friend, I was willing to consider this blow against the dark powers I saw gathering within our town's very walls. Better to help an enemy a little by helping it eliminate a rival dark power in our midst than allowing the growth of dark powers within our town, went my thinking.

Fourth, once we had this weapon, we were urged forward by the stranger, but Hunter took the time to really examine the question. Though all had seemed on the "up and up" so far, there was no telling what this weapon would really do, once used. Naturally, we gave careful thought to the question of whether it was proper for Hunter to take unilateral action in this matter. Not all Hunters see the darker side of the Nox in the same light I do, for example, while others worried how such an action might rebound upon our entire clan.

Fifth, while we discussed this question, someone else destroyed the chapterhouse, using, we imagine, a weapon much like the one we still hold. When some of us emerged from our discussion to view the ruins, some began to say we Hunters were responsible. Although I was for destroying the house, and some Hunters agreed with me, _we Hunters did not do this thing_. Others argue that by going to the Darshak to have the weapon made we enabled another to be made secretly, and it was this second weapon that was used. This is unlikely, since Oak'm's beard trimmer suggests that, simply enough, someone else completed the necessary quest to gain such a weapon...and then used it.

Sixth, after the chapterhouse was destroyed and Hunter was (incorrectly) linked to the act, a number of exiles made shrill, hasty statements about having Hunter banned from dunilsar, being excommunicated from something called Makros, and so on. I hope that in the warm light of day these suggestions will be given more thought. Hate me, if you will, for my views, but Hunter gave special and painstaking attention to the question of using the weapon--so much attention that in the end the question became moot.

Seventh, we have opened a very interesting chapter in Puddleby politics. It will be interesting to see where all this takes us. No matter what happens, you can rely on Lord Arod of Hunter to tell you how it is (or keep his mouth shut). If you'd like to complain to me directly, I have a post office box in Puddleby.

--Lord Arod, a Founder of Hunter and betrothed to the Lady D'Noma Thornapple

3) By Shepherd

My friends, I am almost at a loss for words. The Nox Sorora chapterhouse has been destroyed, and Lacrima is dead. I will try to recount the horrible events as best as I can recall them.

I left the library that fateful day at the urgent callings of my Priestess and my Brothers and Sisters. They seemed to be fearful that the chapterhouse was in danger. There had been rumors circulating about some colored stones, but I had paid them no heed. Even my clanmate Forey warned me of a danger to our sanctuary. My Goddess, I did not listen! I was so foolish!

Many, many members of the Sisterhood were gathered about the chapterhouse. You can see most of them in my sketches. We did not know the nature of the danger, as the word was that clan Hunter had the means to cast a ward against us upon our chapterhouse. If only that were the extent of the danger! We gathered about it, attempting to protect it from any attack. Lacrima was skulking about, but I knew trouble was brewing because the Matre was also there. Those two have never met, and both are very powerful. As you can see, the Matre was cloaked in darkness, due to some sort of rite of protection that she had cast in the days before the attack. The other Sisters - Indigo, Anaeka, Luna - were casting various incantations to protect those in their circles.

The Gens Dea Drenn was there, looking very ill. So was Urgelt, who was urging peace and empathy. Lacrima's weakness, he said, was that she could feel no empathy, and thus could not anticipate the actions of her opponents. I believe him, for I know that Lacrima is a creature devoid of feeling. Yet, deep inside her, there is an innocence...

I know Lacrima was involved in this terrible destruction because she paid Crius to request the stones that made the incendiary. Babajaga seems to indicate that the Darshak are involved, as well... she says that a Darshak Sage was consulted to convert the stones into the Ward. There is also a woman, Agrath, who is quite hateful to my Sisterhood... and clan Hunter.

When I arrived on this scene, as I understood, clan Hunter was debating what to do with the Ward, while Lacrima came to taunt us. She quickly left, however, fearful for her life... had she been wiser, she would have remained away.

At this point, I lost consciousness briefly, and when I awoke, I forgot to continue making sketches of what I saw. I will fill in the rest of the story in more detail when I obtain detail from others who were there.

Clan Hunter arrived to ask us some questions about the chapterhouse. They were fearful, it seemed, that it would be used to unleash an army of undine against the town. The Matre assured them that the chapterhouse would only be used to glorify Her presence, and that it would be a place of study and reflection. I believe her wording was, "It will be used to bring the blessing of Night to Puddleby". Hunter, represented by Lord Arod, was doubtful of the benevolent protection that Mother Night offers to this town, thus their quest to obtain means to destroy our chapterhouse.

While they debated, a long-lost exile named Polgara arrived with a flask similar to the one Hunter obtained! Despite our ring around the chapterhouse, she cast it at its base, and next I knew, there was fire all around! Oh, it was horrible, the screams of burning exiles, and our years of effort going up in flames like so many of the Sisters who have been persecuted on the mainland! Never have I seen such a blast, not from Orga Warlocks, not from Fire Walkers, not even from Umbrion. I do not recall much from this period, as all was fire and smoke as I tried to heal my comrades and pull the wounded from the inferno. Truly it was the most terrible thing I have ever witnessed, far more tragic than the death of my father at the hands of my home village.

The Matre was enraged! She drew the Nox Calamus and charged at Lacrima, who had come to gloat and perhaps stick her dagger into those who might have survived the blaze. But Lacrima had a blade, too, one I had not heard of- but it was evident that these two blades were like Night and Day. Whenever they clashed, the air crackled, and it was if the world was shaking. Lacrima's blows against the Matre seemed to bounce off a dark cloak, which I presume was Agate, Handmaiden of Night, whose protection Matre Naamah had called for in her earlier Rite.

Seeing that her blade was ineffective, Lacrima began to attack Naamah's mind, but reeled when she encountered the Matre's iron will. You see, Lacrima has been harassing our Sisterhood for many years now, and has the ability to cause great pain and injury to the Sisters. But she had never encountered the Matre, and I suspect that she anticipated the same abilities and strengths as a Sister. But the Matre is a mystery - she has no Gens, and what I've read of the Nox Sorora canon seems to indicate that she was conceived without Leviathan's taint, which means that she is the daughter of a Matre and none other. While I've always received guidance and wisdom from our chapter's leader, she is cold... they say that as a Priestess advances in Her glory, more and more of her mind is the pure manifestation of Night and less the individual whose body is the vessel of Her will. I cannot imagine the holiness of the Honored Matre, who exists far away yet seems to co

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