September 02, 2007
Fire Rats Invade and Dominate Puddleby


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Recently, Puddleby town was subject to a major invasion that started with Fire Bubbles and progressed to ratticus, Fire-breathing Ratticus, regular Fire Rats and Fire Vermine, one or perhaps two Fire Drakes . . . and then a number of frightening new species of ratticus. I'm not sure whether I catalogued all of the names, but some that were encountered included Ratticus Nervosa, Plague Ratticus, and Ratticus Excelsior.

All of these creatures were very strong, and many exiles spent hours lying fallen and being chewed on by the fire rats. It took the combined efforts of large, determined forces, based in the Purple Tor, the brewery and the free library, to eventually bring the town back under control. It then took the efforts of many strong healers to raise all of the fallen, and as of this writing, there may still be exiles who were not raised.

It appears that this invasion was the direct result of the prayers of several exiles who had been petitioning the gods for hours to send something to relieve boredom. Those prayers certainly must have been answered!






Posted by Para at September 02, 2007 08:38 PM
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