September 17, 2007
Dustatia's Renovations


Sonndyh sent the following report to TMN:

I was wandering around earlier, and for fun I visited the building where clans are made. I noticed in the back room, where only clanless can go, that there was a big change. When Snow Lemming was formed, this back room was a simple wooden-walled square.

I spoke to Dustatia and recorded the conversation.

Dustatia says, "Greetings, Mistress Sonndyh."
Dustatia says, "Please pardon our dust."
Dustatia says, "We're doing a little remodeling."
Dustatia says, "Thank you for your patience."

She's not a builder, so I'm not certain what is going on.

Posted by Para at September 17, 2007 08:01 PM
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