December 10, 2007
Fury of the Myrms


Creed sent the following report to TMN

Hail, Para!

Creed here, reporting on the incredible events of earlier today in the "old" myrm hive, or as some call it, "Myrm Classic™." We've all seen the occasional "super" or "uber" myrm in town center recently—including the "teal green" myrms that are extremely hard for any but the strongest exiles to hit.

Today, several of those myrms appeared in town, once again doing their damage, but this time they didn't disperse as fast as they have before. In fact, several exiles tracked them back to the hive, where they (the exiles) found many more strong myrms waiting for them just inside. Not only the small green myrms were seen but other new ones, closer in size to the familiar Noble and Royal myrms, but colored purple, dark grey and deep red. The large purple myrms were called Patricians, and I believe the dark grey ones were Defenders.

A large force of exiles gathered and begin pushing our way into the hive. We found to our excitement that these myrms gave very good coin when finally brought down—but it was hard indeed to bring them down, and our exile force had to retreat several times over the course of the battle. Another new type of myrm appeared—small and green but with very frenzied, fast movements. This was called a Leafcutter Myrm, and sure enough, when, at one point, an exile tried to plant some zu, we found the Leafcutters were able to slice through it.

Finally our force was large and strong enough to make a deep charge into the hive. We pushed all the way into the Queen's Chamber, only to find the entry hall to be filled wall to wall with large uber-myrms. We had several heart-pounding moments as the fighters bravely stepped forward, taking turns being sharply bitten and wounded by the uber-myrms, backed by healers putting forth all of our spirit trying to keep our fighters standing. As you can see by my sketches, it was a close call—several times many of our fighters fell, and I was worried we would lose the day.


Finally enough exiles were able to squeeze in that we began pushing back the myrm defenders, but just then, the most terrible myrm I've ever seen entered the chamber. Called the Myrm Matriarch, she was huge, reddish-orange and swollen, more like a queen termite than an ant. She wreaked havoc among our force until enough fighters were able to surround and pound her to her death. Only then were we able to defeat the "Queen" Myrm, who seemed so small and weak compared to this new, prehistoric-looking beast.




I believe Kalian was able to chain the Matriarch, but I am not sure if she could be stuffed. After the victory in the QC, it still took quite some time for the exile force to make our way out of the hive, as there were still many Myrm Defenders and Patriarchs scattered throughout the tunnels. Some exiles were too fallen to be raised on the spot and had to be chained to town. And even in TC, before it was all over, a few straggling myrms dared to show their nasty myrm faces—although believe me, they didn't last long among the adrenaline-charged exile force!

It looks to me as if Undrus is digging a bit too deep into places we might not want him to go—but I can't be sure that's where all of the myrms are originating, now that we've seen them back in the original myrm hive. With the death of the Matriarch, we may well find out.


Posted by Para at December 10, 2007 10:47 PM

AT'N!!! It's been forever!

Posted by: Illora Mone on December 11, 2007 07:08 AM

Ah, so they finally start to use the fat ants and stuff from long long time ago.

QC will be fun again?!

Posted by: TYP on December 11, 2007 05:25 PM

Heh I was asleep the entire final battle...

Posted by: Korak on December 17, 2007 05:10 PM
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