January 12, 2009
Stylunk 1.7.1 Released


Skirwan has made available Stylunk 1.7.1. Click on Stylunk's immense noggin to enter a world of fashion.

1.7.1 - Noivad Rocks Edition
* Noivad rocks.
* Like, hard
* I mean, like, Aerosmith sees Noivad and they're all like wow, I want to be like that guy!
* I hear one time he rocked so hard it actually broke the space time continuum.
* We all would've been in big trouble if Noivad hadn't been there to fix it right away.
           * Boy does that guy rock.
* All other changes this version are secret.
           * Unlike Noivad rocking, which is totally well-known.
           * Open secret, my friends!
           * Yes indeed!

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Posted by Para at January 12, 2009 06:03 AM