March 19, 2009
Jady Announces Interview with Super Chicken


Jady sent the following announcement to TMN:

Hi Para,

Jady here, host, director, executive producer, and caterer for The Jady Show™. I will be conducting a LIVE interview via the Sunstone Network with Super Chicken.


[Time, OOC: Friday night, March 20th, at 1 AM Eastern time (10 pm Pacific) (if you want to know the IC time, look at Clepsia or something)]

I am a hard-hitting interviewer. I'd like to let you know here and now. No subject will be off limits. Haters need not apply. I am giving you fair warning, if your sensibilities will be assaulted by my searing sense of humor, please either /ignore me before the next installment of The Jady Show™ or plan on not being around during the interview; it will go much more smoothly that way.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing my adoring fans to witness a revolutionary change to The Jady Show™.


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Posted by Para at March 19, 2009 11:11 PM