February 07, 2010
Town Center Flashback


From deep in the TMN archives: a transcript from Town Center from the year 539.

OOC: November 19, 2000

Welcome to Clan Lord!
Use \HELP for a list of commands.
•The healing spell has started.
• You gain experience from your recent studies.
Paramedic starts a spell of gentle warmth.
Paramedic has been studying for 3 hours, 46 minutes.
• It's 1:42am on day 81 of Autumn, 539.
Red Shield is now Clanning.
Teller says, "Hello, Paramedic. Nice to see you."
Paramedic says, "clan balance"
• Your clan’s balance is 5 coins.
The teller shows you your clan’s balance.
Ard Ri is no longer Clanning.
Kor'gah is now Clanning.
Cennedi is now Clanning.
Paramedic thinks, "where is everyone?"
Koppi yells, "McBain reports: McBain's DI Tours- PO Box 1770"
Cuchulain says, "give cennedi 75"
Ratboy is now Clanning.
Papa is no longer Clanning.
Althea is now Clanning.
Jenny is no longer Clanning.
Papa is now Clanning.
Wayne is no longer Clanning.
Cennedi is no longer Clanning.
Rygel is no longer Clanning.
Slyph is now Clanning.
Thadius is now Clanning.
Stone Cold is now Clanning.
Ainvar is now Clanning.
B'hu thinks, "last call for OC2 resqers... we're getting ready to move..."
Swami is no longer Clanning.
Tyking II says, "Hiya"
Paramedic says, "hi"
Claynar is now Clanning.
Icy is now Clanning.
Stone Cold is no longer Clanning.
Scorpio is now Clanning.
Sabbit is now Clanning.
Tyking II says, "Thanks again for the interview, I can't wait to see it in the Fishwrap"
Scorpio is no longer Clanning.
Paramedic says, "sure"
Tyking II is too far away for your explanation.
You gave good karma to Tyking II.
Icy thinks, "swami fallen in south east farms in a rat hut"
Biff is sharing experiences with you.
Icy is no longer Clanning.
Althea says, "hi Para :)"
Nasus says, "neige fallen south of scout now"
Althea is sharing experiences with you.
Swami is now Clanning.
Paramedic says, "Moof."
Althea asks, "moof?"
Bigfat is now Clanning.
Tyking II is no longer Clanning.
Nasus says, "could I get a healer to come"
Ratboy is no longer Clanning.
Biff is still fallen to a Large Vermine.
Paramedic says, "er Thoom"
Gyre thinks, "Neige fallen in S forest a few S of the scout"
Law'n St'ple ponders, "ZZZzzzzzz..."
Lena thinks, "brt - 2 mins"
Claynar yells, "bk me!"
Althea ponders, "no"
Claynar says, "gimmie bk"
Kensington ponders, "Eh?"
Groan is no longer Clanning.
Bigfat ponders, "Anyone know if we got anywhere on the OC Raid?"
Crius yells, "It's 2 o'clock, and all's well."
Althea ponders, "no. go away."
Claynar says, "pleaseee"
Law'n St'ple ponders, "ZZZzzzzzz..."
Claynar says, "gimmie bk"
Crius yells, "It looks pretty quiet in the east Puddleby Farms."
(Claynar hugs Althea)
Noa is now Clanning.
Claynar says, "hug me pleasee"
Claynar is of the People, is male, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
He is holding a roguewood club and a pair of blue pants.
Claynar has 49 good and 37 bad karma.
Gabriel is now Clanning.
Claynar says, "er"
Claynar says, "i mean.."
Claynar says, "BJK me please"
Claynar says, "BK me please"
Claynar exclaims, "BK me please!!"
Fogtripper is no longer Clanning.
Kensington says, "I departed from OC4 awhile ago, dunno if they took it over or not"
(Bigfat hugs Claynar.)
Eek thinks, "Full moon today?"
Claynar says, "noo"
Claynar says, "not hug"
(Boggs draws a pretty lil box around Claynar)
Nasus thinks, "was earlier"
Agratis Voran is no longer Clanning.
(Althea grins)
You begin sharing your experiences with Kensington.
Kensington yells, "bad kitty@"
Kensington is sharing experiences with you.
Sylune is now Clanning.
Johan is now Clanning.
Nyt'Shade thinks, "anyone have orga berries for sale?"
Kensington ponders, "He must have worms or something"
Spad is no longer Clanning.
Althea ponders, "no"
Law'n St'ple ponders, "ZZZzzzzzz..."
(Althea grins)
Althea asks, "what's new Para?"
Cuchulain is no longer Clanning.
Bigfat is no longer Clanning.
Paramedic says, "not much"
Claynar is no longer Clanning.
Archerford is now Clanning.
Bubbles thinks, "Someone give me a hand quickly W of OC if you're in OC :)"
Alcon thinks, "Would anyone sell an oe? I'm offering 50 coins"
Koppi yells, "Brae reports: Support the Puddleby Encyclopedia Project, help us by writing entries or sending us links! http://www.puddleopedia.org"

Posted by Para at February 07, 2010 08:51 PM

Must be a Sunday. Look at all those ELFs out...

Posted by: Lundar on February 7, 2010 09:42 PM

LOL, Claynar is my alt. Interesting to see how I acted when I was 13, heh.

Posted by: Shadrock on February 9, 2010 02:37 PM
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