May 20, 2010
Darshak Ambush!


Stinkfist sent the following report to TMN:

Arrr, the Pirates of Lok'Groton & Friends took a trip to Venables Island (TI) today ta drop off some building materials with Barny and ta hunt some Frozen Abyssal Hunters.. Tha fight to tha outpost was tha usual, rather uneventful fare of midranking shak and assorted ethereal nasties... until after tha materials gots donated.

An old haggard Darshak Stewerd named Merek rewarded our efforts with a little ambush.


Initially we was caught off guard but soon, we turned tha tables on him and cornered tha old salty shak an he was slain in a most painful mannor.


After tha old goon's death and making into a trophy, we decided ta venture into tha ethereal plane as Merek was jumpin in and out of tha open portal there likes a mad man.

We searched and slew some frozen abyssal hunters and other ethereal monsters but thar was no more sign of shak in tha immediate area in tha ethereal plane so we decided ta exit....

That's when we were greeted by another ambush, this time a large amount of lesser undead and banshees greeted us outside. They wern't much o a threat but then we noticed HIM.

An old Greater Death was watching us from tha corner of tha mini-temple tha shak gots thar, once his minions were destroyed he moved in for tha attack.


After a long, long, bloody battle, Boneshaker was destroyed, and so we decided, heys you'd make a nice trophy too, I gaves tha order ta tha crew ta pick themselves up and head on home.


On me ways out Barny congratulated us on our well fought victory. He will spread tha word of tha crew & friend's epic victories over their shak "heroes"... soon... with any luck, tha shak will start ta turn away from tha cult in favor of tha Pirates of Lok'Groton & Friends. I wouldn't be surprised if soon thar were other shak willing ta throw their lot with us hangin around Barny & the greater Venables Outpost Area... our reputation on tha island is only growing more fearsome.

Keep an eye out when venturing around old Tenebrion's Island... ya may run into a shak who wants ta join us... or kill us... be on guard.

Here are 2 mostly complete visionstones of tha two ambushes.


Posted by Para at May 20, 2010 07:38 PM

For more information on tha activities on TI, or to report any encounters ye have with tha shak on TI go to:

Posted by: Cap'n Stinkfist on May 20, 2010 08:51 PM

Great visionstones! Ahhh. Good times. :)

Posted by: Eirian on May 21, 2010 12:18 PM
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