August 09, 2010
Report on Tatterflesh from the Pirate Co. Science Labs


Stinkfist sent the following report to TMN:

Arrr Greetings Citizens of Puddleby!

Arrr I did some secret Pirate Science and anchored Tatterflesh's souley remains to an undisclosed location with a darkstone ands left it thar ta hopefully rematerializeitate. Who's Tatterflesh ye may ask? This guy dead guy seen lastime on The Adventures of the Pirates of Lok'Groton and Friends (60K)

So after some time... and some more scientific application of various magics, ands a healthy amount of zu smoke, it appears, his soul has reformed, free of shak influence. His memory be hazy, and does not be recallin his original name but he be reasonably well mannered and friendly thus far. So friendly that I have changed my mind about makin him into a slave as admittedly originally planned.


This breakthrough, the knowledge that possibly, through a combination of a wide array of magic, a powerful soul can be destroyed, anchored to rematerializeitate, be rid of their dark controlling chains and regain their free will. A very interesting prospect indeed. For if one can free a soul from tha shak, one could theoretically turn their undead army against them some day.

All Pirates are here by ordered to protect our new undead friend while he recovers, for once he be well, he can aid us against tha cult who stole his soul and free will.

This be a breakthrough that all learned citizens of Puddleby should help study, I call on tha help of tha University in this matter. For if this knowledge can truely be used for good, we must know more about it. Brutal and cunning citzens of Puddleby shoulds seek out any dark knowledge tomes or artifacts they can for study. Despose of those currently using them so they don't needs them anymore, so we can just haves.

Your Kind Pirate Overlord Protector of Town,
Captain Stinkfist, Pirate King

If he shows up and be hungry, point him to Trowl, or the bloodpool in the cemetery in NW town. Thanks yous. (100K)

Posted by Para at August 09, 2010 04:39 AM
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