September 09, 2010
Trowl: New Estuary! First to Hunt!


Trowl sent the following report to TMN:

H'loi Para!

I know I said my next post would be Task 2, but it's not! Nope, instead I was on the exploration hunts for 2 different places this week!

The first one was boring old Abyss 3, which was crazy amazingly hard. The best part of that hunt was either the snowball fight in Abyss 2, or the indulstone actually working on me. But the second one, The newest area of the Estuary, is where the fun is.

Tip'ii, Lorikeet, Geraldus, Ravenstorm and I were heading to Estuary 1 for a quick jaunt, oh i forgot Shiner, in order for Trowl to finish his reedcat studies at a time where Azel couldn't join. I finished my studies after the second reedcat (the first one was ranger'd) and so I finished my cat studies! We continued onward throughout the Estuary. Tip'ii traded me a log for his roguewood club. We finally wound up heading to Brigid . . . and instead there was a bridge!


We crossed the bridge, expecting it to just be more estuary. It wasn't! As soon as Rave lured the northern border, we were attacked by Super Scavenger Birds and Glowing Blue Meshra! The Super Scavenger Bird almost wiped us out before we took it down, and we had to retreat across the bridge! We decided to call the vulture a Lowland Vulture, because of the cheap way that it tricked Ravenstorm into swinging out.


We then healed a bit, but before we were finished, a grey, streamlined meshra attacked! It was hard to hit, and it feralled like crazy!


We killed it and named it a Flotsam Meshra, because of how its erratic motions reminded the sailors among us of the sea. We went back across the bridge and tried to take down the Glowing Blue Meshra. It hit like a girl, but it took a while to take down.


One thing we noticed about the new section of the Estuary was how many pretty swamp trees there were. They were shockingly pretty, and did a great job to conceal the grey Flotsam Meshra.

After a while, we encountered two of the Blue Meshra, as well as a swarm of other creatures. As we tried to kill the Spicy Mander, we noticed that the more we hurt it, the brighter blue it glowed. Not only that, but it was healing itself incredibly fast. We finally killed it, but it took a lot longer than your normal Spicy Mander.


We turned our attention to the Blue Meshra, and tried to take them down. Much to our surprise, the meshra's wounds healed almost as fast as we could hurt them! And the more we hurt them, the brighter they glowed! They were healing each other! And not only that, but they were rodding us!

We finally took down both, and continued on through the Estuary,

My goodness, it's pretty.

Our hunt ended as we ran into another waterway. This one also had bridge builders, who claimed to have taken out Brigid because she wasn't part of the Fen'neko building union. They said that they have enough materials for their next bridge, but that they just needed their permits. Darn you bureaucracy!!!

We found a path down to the south western border of New Estuary, and took it to the Old Estuary. Our explorations were over.

I must say, this was a fun week for trowls such as myself! New adventures, and no complete wipeouts!

Here's a visionstone of the event, stored at the Puddleby Visionstone Repository.

Anywhose, I'm off to go die somewhere fun!


Posted by Para at September 09, 2010 08:32 PM

How did you get a picture of the full area? Including the unseeable parts?

Posted by: Daimoth on September 17, 2010 12:59 PM
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