September 26, 2010
More on the Mad Mystics


Fearr sent the following report to TMN:

Hey Para,

It was a day like the day before and the before that day and so on . . .

Everything was normal, and the people were going on hunts or resting in town.

But then at the evening of that day, it happened. the town had a mystic invasion.

Eight mystics from every part of the island arrived, and we formed a strong group of mystics.

After some discussion about useless things, we headed to the QC to kill the Queen of the Myrms.

Of course, we didn't find the correct way within the first try, but anyway . . .

While everybody else prepared to rescue this group of strange exiles, we moved into the Hive and killed the first Noble Myrms. Lasties of those were booked to V'ree because he wanted to become more royalty.


Nobody expected it, but it happened: nearly all of us were alive when we met the Queen.


But we recognized very fast that without a healer, we would probably fail. So we ordered Omega to help us out. With his help and our brilliant boosts, we managed to vanquish, kill, dispatch, or slaughter that Queen of the Myrms.



Brilliant Mystic storm to the QC!


Best wishes!

Posted by Para at September 26, 2010 12:43 PM
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