April 23, 2011
Flamin Pile


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para,

So there were an invasion in town tanight. Actually I oughta back up.

There be this flamin pile o doggydoo by tha fighter hall. Raul and sum folks swears blind that they recharges champeens fast.

I were out fer ta mosey fer coins and were leadin a giant feral ta tha town when I first saw it so assumed tha feral had dropped it but it seems it was there befer. Melly got a spidysense and felt it and so decided ta investigate. He brunged a bunch o earth critters ta looksee and study it and stuff. Cut ta invasion with innerestin critters and a daid Maeght and a Stora in tha liberry fer safety. Time passes.

Me and Vree and Trymon went ta visit with Melly ifn he had sumthin ta say in his conference room (basement). He were plumb tuckered out from lookin at tha flamin pile, but did gitta talk with us briefly. Durin tha invasion he said tha invasion were him sendin stuffs ta see tha flamin pile. He said he wanted tha flamin pile. He were curious about why it were flamin (nobudy said it were born that way). He noted it had sum lines in tha rock and that it didnt move on its own. Ima cuttin out alla sunstone spam in response since it were mostly me.

After tha invasion were mostly dun, he camed ta his basement. Vree talked ta him and I translated fer Trymon who be gonna larn dorf "soon." Melly said he finished lookin at tha flamin pile. He tol Vree it were temporary and concentrated fer ta be o earth magics only he said magic with that magik accent what be jest soundin funny. Melly be askin us ifn we knows tha source o tha earth magical flamin pile. We said we didn't. Vree asked ifn it were dangerous. Melly said it prolly warnt fer ta him. Vree asked ifn it were dangerous fer ta folks mebbe o tha mystical persuasion (i.e. damned all Higgy). Melly said we'd prolly mebbe git better. (By this time Lorikeet were out so is easy ta git better at that point.)

Vree asked ifn mebbe it were harnassable sumhow. Melly didnt use tha term ephemeral but tha sense were there. Melly then said ifn we found tha source he wouldnt mind his own flamin pile o doggydoo fer ta do experiments and play jokes on his brothers with.Vree asked what kinda jokes and Melly said mebbe he could do sumthin or not with it. Vree asked whatfer we oughta look fer ta see tha concentrated stuff. Melly said it might be crystallized or gemlike.

Then Melly were dun causn he were tuckered out from havin his folks lookin at tha doggydoo and chattn with us. Me and Trymon kinda concluded combin tha feral den fer doggydoo would be sumthin better suited fer other folks.

The end.



Posted by Para at April 23, 2011 12:02 AM
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