September 15, 2011
Coldy's Cloak


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Beer Para,

Ya dun said it be a slow news time so I tooked pitchers o our mosey.

Coldy gotted his lava cloak so we wented ta tha ep fer causn is a good place ta burn things. Not as good as abyss 2, but kinda safer fer practicin purposes.

Then Tas gotted ported while he were lurin critters and we did sum science. It seems tha cloud in tha ep, notta 'thereal cloud—but that haze thingy—dun gone back ta portin folks. It seems there mighta been a time ya could be movin when it were passin by, but now it be back ta its original port tha movin exile tricks. I knows it dun that when tha ep were originally bein mapped. Then it seems in my hazy memory it stopped fer a while. Well its started agin. Actual, that splains why I gotted ported a few moseys here back.


Tha dorfs joined us after tha fire roasts but jest sitn in tha circle bashin stuffs I warnt thinkin pitcher thoughts. Then we wented and helped Taryn at OV but agin I fergotted pitchers. And there was spare noids on tha way what that Kalian and his support group kilt later on/ Agin, no pitchers.

Beer ta ya,

Posted by Para at September 15, 2011 12:19 AM
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