October 31, 2011
A Feast-time Battle Royale for the Jungles of Metzetli Island


Winkey sent the following report to TMN:

A brave group of exiles decided to brave the Feast of Tsrrin and walking dead to hunt the shallows of Metzetli Island. After arriving at the island's cove, they found it to be infested with large numbers of strong undead and other horrible creatures! Fighting was intense, and for some time, the exiles were resorted to fighting on the beach and retreating to the relative safety of the waters to heal and recover.

Seen above are a Corrosive Corpse (right), Jeepers Creepers (middle top), and Pumpkinhead (bottom middle).


Tricky Treaters (white) and Mortified Mummies (tan)


The deformed corpses seen here are Creeping Deaths, Creepy Crawlers, and Swimming Deaths (out in the water, not pictured).

After fighting what turned out to be the initial waves of these undead, a mysterious and powerful black feline appeared at the beach. After a brief exchange of blows, the feline appeared to be somewhat friendly towards us.



The Crypt Cat appeared to want us to follow it west into the island's interior, where we found a rather intimidating foe and were forced to retreat back to the beach.


After a brief recovery, our group turned its sights towards this new foe: a Haunted
Yorilla. This was a truly fearsome beast, whose superb accuracy was only outmatched by its crippling strength. But even this mighty beast fell beneath our group's blades.


As the exiles prepared for another sortie into Metzetli's interior, the Crypt Cat arrived at the beach once more. This time, however, the feline was much less friendly than it had appeared to be the first time it met us.


Fighting ensued, and the exiles found the great defense of the Crypt Cat combined with the other undead to be too much for us, and we were forced to retreat to the waters once more.


The one-time mysterious and peaceful Crypt Cat had turned against the exiles and would not be forgiven. The exiles chased the Crypt Cat west from the beach and eventually surrounded the beast only to have it escape once more to the west, to where it was originally leading the group of exiles.


Now several sn'ells west of the beach, the exiles found themselves in a fierce fight, with a flurry of blows being exchanged and all sorts of undead and terrors of the Feast of Tsrrin.


Fighting was violent and intense, to say the least, but the exiles appeared to take the upper hand as they vanquished foe after foe, in what could only be described as a Battle Royale for the Jungles of Metzetli Island. That is until a new foe appeared from the darkness, whose sheer hideousness turned the fight to the favor of the horde.

This Guardian of Tsrrin was a huge beast, easily larger than an adult Haremau, and covered in a mat of thick grey quills that protected its body and absorbed the blows of even the most powerful exiles. The most frightening feature of this Guardian was the huge blue eye, easily as tall as any dwarf and twice as wide as the plumpest halfling. Locking sight with this beast sent chills down the spine of even the most battle-hardened warrior.


Fleeing from this new force, the exiles ran straight into the bloody claws of the Crypt Cat who had only grown more vicious after the appearance of the Guardian of Tsrrin. The exiles quickly moved to distract the Guardian, and finished the crazed feline who, having been weakened from the previous fighting, fell to their blows in a matter of seconds.


With the Crypt Cat defeated, and the horde of undead and terrors of the Feast once again rotting on the earth, the exiles turned their attention to the Guardian, and, while fierce and hideous beyond description, the creature was unable to avoid its inevitable death.


The battle was won, and flush with excitement, the exiles celebrated their victory for oh, so short a time. For what the exiles did not realize is that the Horde of Tsrrin had one more trick up its sleeve, or rather a pair of tricks. Two more Guardians of Tsrrin flew from the jungle and took the exiles by surprise. Wounded, and in shock at the sight, the exiles quickly called for retreat and rushed to the safety of the cove.

One beast had been hard enough to fell, but two, the exiles thought, would be nigh impossible. Weary from all the fighting, the exiles decided it would be one last battle to decide the outcome of this war. Throwing caution to the wind, the exiles charged the two beasts, letting their weapons sing in the air as they came crashing down on the Guardians.

Fearsome as the first Guardian had been, these two had no horde to help them, and without the fiendish Crypt Cat to distract the exiles, it was only a matter of time until the determination of the exiles would win the day.



Victorious in battle, the exiles made one last pass of the jungle to ensure the horde had truly been defeated. One of the exiles claimed his prize, the corpse of one of the fallen Guardians, and headed to Puddleby to have this beast stuffed and mounted to commemorate the victory.



The jungle had proven now to be free of the horde, but it seemed as the Gods were not quite finished with exiles just yet, and the exiles lost their token of victory in one last cruel twist of fate...



-Recorded by Winkey, one of many that day on Metzetli Island.

Posted by Para at October 31, 2011 07:53 PM

Great story, thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Athl on November 1, 2011 03:30 AM

Mrrow mrrow mrrrrrrrr!

Posted by: Crypt Cat on November 1, 2011 09:42 AM

Great story, Winkey! I enjoyed reading this account! I'm sorry that I missed the epic battle. WTG exiles!

Posted by: Creed on November 20, 2011 06:45 AM
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