November 13, 2011
Books For The Alliance Castle Library


Feodoric Mermeios sent the following report to TMN:

Ahoy there Paramedic,

I recently joined a group of pirate scientists led by Pirate King Stinkfist on an exploration mission to Lugubrion's Keep. In the keep's library, we discovered a book and a couple of scrolls lying around unshelved.

Skilled as our party was in the arts of piracy, we were able to liberate from the library a book on the history of the Ripture Wars and two scrolls on elements of sylvan and dwarvern culture.

Our thought was to take these back to the Alliance Castle, where there is an empty library still waiting for books. Once there, we had a chat with the custodian Dekkins, and it turned out that these were just the kind of books they are looking for.

"Oh yes, science"

Dekkins says he will prepare the room for an influx of books. In the meantime, if anyone finds any more loose books in their travels, they should pass them along to Dekkins or their local pirate. The Pirates of Lok'Groton and friends plan to conduct more raids upon other libraries in order to flesh out the Alliance Castle's collection. (See the Clan Lord Sentinel for details.)

Dekkins resolves to get the work underway

In the name of Pirate Library Science,
-Feodoric Mermeios

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